Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mother Goose and Goblins: Home Campaign

After pondering it a bit, I have decided to tinker with a "kids game" set in a Mother Goose and Fairy Tale inspired setting. The game will be using the rules from Bloody Basic: Mother Goose Edition, but will have its of gingerbread flavoring.

Rather than trying to detail an entire world, I will instead focus on smaller regions, and build the deeper details as we go. Suffice it to say that the setting will be a "Fairyland" world. It is a magical land/world of wizards, witches, and fairies, talking animals, dragons and everything else that might be found in a typical fairy story. Magic tends to be playfully inconvenient rather than lethal (though there are exceptions), and there isn't a full time Evil Overlord. Generally the technology and culture is medieval, although there are occasional anomalies.
The place is loaded with tall craggy mountains, deep dark woods, rolling hills and grassy planes. Even a dreadful swamp or two. The continent is south of the equator, so things get hotter as you head north, eventually becoming covered in jungles that would fit well for jungle-book and pirate-themed adventures.
As we need a good starting off point, we shall begin the tale in the Merry Land of Orn.

The Kingdom of Orn
Community Size: Large City
Population: 23,684 Adults
Size: 161.08 Acres
Races: Human (18,478); Dwarf (2,131); Sprite (1,184); Talking Animals (945); Other (946)
Gold Piece Limit:40,000.00
Income for King/royal family:118,420.00
Magic Resources: 4,736,800.00
Imports: Anvils, Silk and Spinach
Exports: Apples, Cider, Honey, Mead, Wheat
Famous: Dancing, Magic and Toys
Infamous: Guilds, Bees and Bogeymen
Orn is a prosperous kingdom that has a hearty mix of magic and industry. The land is renowned for its honey, apples and wheat. King Milo The Great rules here, and has lots of daughters. Protected by an army of wooden soldiers created by The Royal Toymaker and his tinker-elf helpers. Orn closely allied with the Dukedom of Grumley Bay and the small kingdom of Nowhere. They also have a pact with the Fairy Queen Benevola with Orn and the good Fairies allied against the Dreaded Queen Malevola of Bogeyland. The Church of St Nicholas is the largest church in Orn, and its Bishop Clement is very close friends of the king. This church has close ties with the fairys, especially Brownies and Leprechauns. The only other religion prevalent in Orn is that of Mother Nature, who is often called "The Lady" and is generally more of a reverence for nature, motherhood and sacred mysteries than an organized faith.
Orn is home to many humans as well as a number of magical races that would be at home in many fairy tales and folk tales. Most people try to get along, but there are always troublemakers. Some predominant races in Orn are as follows: 
Bears (NPCs)- Talking bears are valued workers in Orn, and are prized as bee-keepers.
Dwarves- Very active in Orn as craftsmen of every sort.
Pigs- Active in guild politics, the talking pigs of Orn are prosperous and more than a little bossy. 
Sprites- Orn has good relations with Queen Benevola, and so many good Sprites can be found here.
Wolves (see below)- Valued woodsmen and soldiers, but not entirely trusted. Often henchmen for the pigs.

New Race 
In addition to the races presented in Bloody Basic: Mother Goose Edition, I am also including the following.

Wolfs (Race)
Wolfs are intelligent wolves capable of walking on their hind legs and manipulating objects with their fore-paws. They stand about 5' in height, and often wear clothing. Wolfs are commonly seen as savage monsters,and are greatly feared. However a good wolf are usually seen as a "spirit of the wild," but most people can't quite get over The Big Bad Wolf stereotype.
In the land of Orn, Wolfs are often found working as fighters, tax-collectors and woodsmen, as they love the out of doors and are always ready for a scrap. A small number of them become Magicians, focusing on magic relating to wind and weather, to huff and puff up mighty winds...
Wolfs have a movement rate of 40’ per round while on all fours, but only 30' on two legs. They adjust their Strength score up by one point, and adjust their Charisma score down one point.
Wolfs can see in the dark up to 60’.
They can use their fangs to gain an extra bite butt attack each round that inflicts 1d4 points of damage. Wolfs enjoy a +2 bonus to saving throws against poison.
Wolfs can advance to 4th level as friars, magicians and knaves, and to 5th level as fighters. They can also choose to multi-class as magician/knaves, advancing up to 4th level.


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