Friday, October 19, 2007

Fantasy Elements: Dragons #2

Above is the next stage in the dragons journey towards a complete illustration. Personally, I like where this one is headed. Don't you?

On the subject of Dragons from contemporary Fantasy: Many people tend to think of such novels and novel series as The Dragonriders of Pern, or even the Dragonlance series, both classics of their period with a passionate and avid fandom. Other series that I personally enjoyed from that period of publishing are Jane Yolens wonderful Hearts Blood series.

One of the things that I personally enjoy about contemporary dragons of fantasy (such as with those mentioned above and others) is that these beings are characters in their own right. Such dragons have thoughts, feelings, and personalities that are available, at least partially, to human review if not understanding.

Some Fantasy Dragon Favorites:
  1. Bazil Broketail, by Christopher Rowley. Stick to the first three.
  2. Wizards Heir, by Daniel Hood. All in this series are excellent "fantasy mysteries" with a delightful little dragon that isnt at all cute.
  3. Dragonkepper series, by Donita K, Paul.


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