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Trevski: World of Dragons!

Central Myvillion
Trevski is a world that was settled ages ago by dragons (Metallic, Chromatic, and others). The planet itself is a mostly tropical world orbiting the gas giant Kepesk. The world has hich mountains. dense jungles, vast deserts and teeming swamps full of all manner of megafauna from Earth's past including dinosaurs, giant mammals and more contemporary species. Dragons occupy the top of the food chain here, though some carnosaurs and other predators give them some competition. Some dragon species (the Chromatic ones mostly) set their hatchling children loose to live much like predatory dinosaurs, living by tooth, claw and cunning.
The dragons of Trevski once maintained a mighty civilization, served by the Ophidians and Lizardmen. But due to a long and bloody war this greater society was decimated. Now, dragons of  all types are diminished in number, but hanging on. The dragons aren't gone, only reduced and slow-breeding. Some dragon species dwell in or near humanoid lands, though most prefer solitude.
Overall this setting will mix more common fantasy tropes with a "Land of The Lost" feel. An ancient reptilian empire once ruled the world, and its ruins are all over the place. Human and humanoid culture is asserting itself, using ancient magic and new innovations. Culturally, the world is a mixture of petty kingdoms and Renaissance-style merchant kingdoms.

The standard classes found in Blood & Treasure are all available in the Trevsky Campaign Setting. Also included are the Dragon Disciple, Centurion, and She-Devil.

The Three Gods (Religion)
The primary religious figures of the World of Trevski are the three great Draconic Gods; Ao, Bahamut and Tiamat. These three together form a vast system that predominates all religion in the setting. Other faiths and creeds do exist, but are no larger than cult status and revere entities such as Archomentals, Demon Lords and other non-deity beings. The Three Gods of Trevski are:

Ao (True Neutral)
Ao,  the Ninefold Dragon, The Concordant Dragon is the chief deity worshipped by dragons, and to a lesser extent most of the peoples of Trevski. His symbol is a multi-colored metallic disk. Ao prefers to not become directly involved in the affairs of the world, choosing to instead watch over the health of the ecosystem of Trevski. The Ninefold Dragon teaches a doctrine of balance in all things and the sacredness of natural processes. Because of this, his followers maintain hatcheries for several dinosaur species as a food source for dragonkind, and otherwise seek to be considerate of the balance of life.
Priesthood: Priests of Ao are always Druids, worshipping creation and all of its creatures as Druids of Ao are generally dressed like medieval friars or rural squires, practical and well made.

Bahamut (Lawful Good)
Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, is the King of the Good Dragons. He is a deity of good dragonkind. His symbol is a Blue Star or Blue Dragon on a White Background. Bahamut is very stern and disapproving of evil. He accepts no excuses for foul deeds. On the other hand, he is very compassionate, and has boundless empathy for the weak and downtrodden. He urges his followers to promote good, but to let people fight their own battles when they can, providing healing, information, or temporary safe refuge rather than fighting alongside those who can fight for themselves.
Priesthood: A cleric of Bahamut must be of "Lawful" alignment (LG, CG, NG). They can “turn” or destroy undead creatures as shown on page 57 in the Blood and Treasure Players Guide. Clerics of Bahamut dress as warrior priests and templars, clean and armored. White mantles bearing a blue star are common, though not mandatory.

Tiamat (Lawful Evil)
Tiamat, the Chromatic Dragon, Creator of Evil Dragonkind, the Dragon Queen is the goddess and mother of evil dragons. Her symbol is a five-headed dragon. Tiamat is most concerned with spreading evil, defeating good, and propagating chromatic dragons. She never forgives a slight. Although she is not averse to razing the occasional village, her true schemes are subtle and hard to detect. She has been compared to a puppeteer manipulating her creations from within shadows. She is sometimes called "Her Dark Majesty" or simply "Dark Queen" by her worshippers.
Priesthood: A cleric of Tiamat must be of "Chaotic" alignment (LE, NE, CE) and can rebuke or command undead creatures as shown on page 57 in the Blood and Treasure Players Guide. Such clerics are generally dressed in a manner similar to most animated movie villains, dark and flamboyantly evil looking.

The standard Dwarf/Elf/Orc/Halfling mix of most fantasy campaign settings is nonexistent on Trevski. Rather humankind shares this world with some more primal and reptilian sorts of beings.

Humans (Mankind)
The humans of Trevski are the descendants of humans snatched from Earth by the Ophidians to serve as slaves and living incubators for snakeman eggs. Nowadays, these humans are a genetic mix of different peoples. Because of this the humans of Trevski are the same as modern humans, though racial distinctions as we know them are nnonexistent The human peoples of Trevski are a Eurasian-Negroid mix, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians and Olmecs, and have replaced the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.
After the declining Ophidians, Humankind are the most advanced civilization on Trevski. Technologically, human civilization is roughly equivalent to the Renaissance era. Humans get along fairly well with most intelligent species but have a general preference to Neanderthals and Lizardmen.

Kobolds (Meeps)
Kobolds are short, reptilian humanoids that resemble small humanoid dinosaurs. A kobold’s scaly skin ranges from dark rusty brown to a rusty black color. It has glowing red eyes. Kobolds wear clothing that is red and orange. A kobold is 2 to 2½ feet tall and weighs 35 to 45 pounds. The Kobolds of Trevski are less savage than the kobolds of other worlds, having a more mercantile society that is quite active in the underworld of most cities.
Kobolds modify their starting ability scores as follows: Str -2, Dex +1, Con -1. They are small creatures but have a standard speed of 30 ft. per round. Kobolds can see in darkness up to 120 feet and their scales give them a natural +1 bonus to Armor.
Kobolds have a knack for noticing unusual stonework such as sliding walls, stonework traps, new construction, unsafe stone surfaces and shaky stone ceilings. A kobold can also intuit depth, sensing his approximate depth underground as naturally as a human can sense which
way is up. This knack also applies to finding and removing traps that involve stone construction.
Kobolds speak Kobold and may also speak Draconic, Lizard Man, Neanderthal or Troglodyte.
They can multi-class as cleric/sorcerers, fighter/sorcerers and sorcerer/thieves.

Lizard Men (Crocs)
Lizardmen are large (6 ½' tall) reptilian humanoids, wise and keen of wit as well as powerfully muscled. Most LizardMen's scaly hides are green though they range in color from a rattlesnake brown to dull yellow. Additionally, most Lizardmen paint or tattoo their bodies with elaborate tribal markings. Without an extensive knowledge of scale patterning, it is nearly impossible for other peoples to tell male Lizardmen from female Lizardmen.
Most LizardMen tend to be peaceful, thoughtful and amicable creatures despite their fearsome appearance. They are a spiritual people and drawn into Druidism and the worship of Ao. Most Lizardmen live in small semi-nomadic tribes in deep bayous, and swamps, though many tribes are known to exist in the deep desert and many other share the equatorial rainforests with the Ophidians and Human tribes.
Lizardmen modify their starting ability scores as follows: Str +1, Con +1, Int -1. Lizardmen enjoy a +1 bonus to Armor Class from their thick, scaly hides. Lizardmen that dwell in swamps have a swim speed of 20. Those who dwell in mountainous or wooded areas replace this with a climb speed, and those who dwell in deserts replace it with a burrow speed.
Lizardmen speak their own language, and might also speak Draconic, Kobold or Troglodyte.
They can multi-class as druid/fighters, fighter/sorcerers and fighter/thieves.

Neanderthal (Ugs)
The Neanderthals of Trevski are the descendants of humans snatched from Earth by the Ophidians to serve as slaves and living incubators for snakeman eggs. Neanderthals are close kin to human beings. They are often assumed to be stupid, due to their large brow ridges, receding chins, and slightly shorter, denser bodies. This is not the case. 
While Neanderthals often live a primitive lifestyle, they are as intelligent as humans. Neanderthal towns and cities dot the vast mountain ranges of central Myvillion, and incorporate elaborate stone structures that often make use of caves and other natural features. Neanderthal Clerics almost always revere archomentals (elemental lords), preferring Imix (Fire domain) or Sunnis (Earth domain) over worship of the dragon gods.
Neanderthals modify their starting ability scores as follows: Strength +1, Constitution +1, Intelligence -1. Neanderthals have a knack for survival. Neanderthals speak their own unique clan language and might also speak Common, Terran, Kobold, Ignan or Troglodyte. Neanderthals can multi-class as cleric/fighters, fighter/magic-users and fighter/ thieves.

Ophidians, Lesser (Snakemen)
The Ophidian race are an ancient people who ages ago were the favorites of Tiamat in her early struggles against Bahamut, and lost. Now their ancient civilizations has dwindled to a handful of kingdoms and underground cities. Lesser Opidians are a lower caste amongst Ophidians that look more human that their sires and are incapable of reproducing. Lesser Ophidians are found out and amongst the "lesser" races, dwelling most often amongst mankind. Since the downfall of their race, Ophidians rarely produce druids or clerics, preferring arcane magic in most cases.
Lesser Opidians adjust their starting ability scores as follows: +1 Dexterity, -2 Constitution. They are medium-sized creatures with a base speed of 40 feet. Snakemen have darkvision to a range of 60 feet. They have a knack for search. They need only pass within 5 feet of small things to have a chance to notice them, even if they were not actively looking. Lesser Opidians receive a +1 natural bonus to Armor Class due to their scales. Lesser Opidians have +1 save vs psychic powers. Finally, they have a +2 save vs poison.
Lesser Opidians speak Common and the language of serpents. They might also speak Draconic, Gnoll, Kobold, Lizardman, Infernal and Troglodyte. Snakemen may multi-class as fighter/magic-users, cleric/magic-users and magic-user/thieves.

Tagalong (Lizardman Scout) and his mount Buster.

These rules are made for use with the Blood and Treasure RPG by John Stater.

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Mutant Future: The Sixth Column (Faction)

Group Goals and Beliefs: The Sixth Column have embraced the super being named Stardust the Super Wizard (see History) as the savior of humanity. They believe that justice must be meted out, even if it runs contrary to local morals and laws. Vigilantism in pursuit of moral rightness is seen as a holy cause, and wrongdoers need to be punished in as extravagant a manner as is possible.
Identifiers: All members of the Sixth Column wear skin tight super-suits that have a sun or star motif of some kind. These suits can be worn under clothing, and usually are so as to catch evil-doers unaware.
Group History: Ages ago, before the tragic events of the Transgenic Wars (aka The Apocalypse) a powerful being known only as Stardust appeared in the Solar System. This super-being was/is the living avatar of a sentient star, created to perceive and interact with other sentient creatures, including the humans it was modeled after. Stardust used his awesome abilities to manipulate matter to dispense his own form of justice and he was accepted into the ranks of the superheroes.
New recruits
Understanding that children are the future of the human race, Stardust set up youth clubs across the Earth and the Solar System, encouraging young people to help spread his ideology and carry on his crusade. He gave the boys uniforms similar to his own, as well as high tech equipment which replicated a number of his own abilities. The boys, given these abilities, began to dispense their own form of justice in Stardust's name.
After his epic battles with the supervillain known as "The Great Question", Stardust was seen less and less in Known Space, finally returning to his "private star" for reasons unknown. In the years following the Sixth Column has tried their best to continue the cause of Stardust.
Game Information: The Sixth Column are zealots that perform "super-heroics", hunting down "bad guys" whenever and wherever they can. This might sound like a great thing, but these guys have a black and white view of things (though older members are more "batman" than superman), and can be a bit tiresome. Still, they do pack a punch. On Mars the Sixth Column act much like Paladins, travelling between Utopian Domes and Wilderness regions hunting evil-doers. A number of them operate off planet or are in the service of leader who they see as good. Such Sixth Column members are frequently hunting bigger game such as extra-planar monsters of supernatural threats.
Membership: To join the Sixth Column a character that is either a mutant human with NO drawback mutations or a Pure Human Sorcerer. The character must be of Neutral Alignment (LG, LN or LE). Entry into the ranks of the Sixth Column requires a passionate and ruthless zeal to punish evildoers by whatever means are necessary. Members of the Sixth Column gain a skintight Star Metal Suit and Thought Recording Collar (see below for details).

Star Metal Suit 
Originally created by Stardust himself, these skin-tight costumes are made of an indestructible "star metal" that is silky soft and very light. A Star Metal Suit grants the wearer an AC 2, and weights only 2lbs. Designs vary, but all of these suits have a star or sunshine motif. Non-members who somehow acquire a Star Metal Suit will find that is offers no special protection, though it will still make for indestructible underwear.

Thought Recording Collar 
This is a collar designed in a starburst or sunlight motif. The collar grants the wearer the Neural Telepathy mental mutation. If a non member of the Sixth Column wears the collar, it acts only as jewelry, with no special powers. A thought-recorder collar weighs nothing, hinting at the weird energies used in its making.
A powerful member of the Sixth Column.

The Sixth Column are inspired by the adventures of Stardust: The Super Wizard beginning in Fantastic Comics #14 published by Fox Feature Syndicate and created by Fletcher Hanks. 

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Mutant Mars: The Brain Men of Mars

The Brain Men of Mars
No. Enc.: 1d10
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120’ (40’)
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 5
Attacks: 1 (weapon)
Damage: As weapon
Save: L4
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: XVII
The Brain-Men of Mars (or Skomah) are brilliant humanoids with yellow skin, huge heads and skinny bodies. The Brain-Men are highly intelligent and technologically advanced with an insatiable curiosity concerning new gadgets and the behavior of other races. The Brain Men have a mutually beneficial relationship to Tripods (see Mutant Future page 100) which often act as transport and soldiers for the Brain Men. All Brain Men come equipped with mechanized exoskeletons (see below) to help their small bodies support the weight of their gigantic heads. Brain Men typically come equipped with Laser Pistols (Mark 2), and 1d4 trained Giant Ants or Giant Bats, Giant Lizards or Mansquitos.
In earlier ages of Mars the Brain Men had their own civilization located in underground cities. They ruled over most of Mars only occasionally venturing onto the surface and travelling to other planets (including Earth) to collect samples and victims for experiments. Though they have leaders (called the Great Skomahs), all of which are inventors of great renown, they are not normally an ambitious people. The Brain Men want to conduct research, tinker with new devices, and to be left alone.
Now in the era of Mutant Mars, the Brain Men have surfaced to be technicians for hire, merchants and wandering gadgeteers. These odd creatures can be found in any moderately advanced city, particularly Utopian Domes where they happily trade their knowledge and services for coin and a chance to test out their individual theories.
Mutations: Bizarre appearance (huge heads and tiny bodies), frailty, increased sense (touch), intellectual affinity (tinkerer), quick mind, plus 1d4-2 mental mutations.

Brain Men (Race)
Hit Dice: 1d4 per point of CON
Mutations: Bizarre appearance (huge heads and tiny bodies), frailty, increased sense (touch), intellectual affinity (tinkerer), quick mind, plus 1d4-2 mental mutations.
The Brain-Men of Mars (or Skomah) are brilliant humanoids with yellow skin, huge heads and skinny bodies. The Brain-Men are highly intelligent (+2 INT) and technologically advanced with an insatiable curiosity concerning new gadgets and the behavior of other races.  The Brain Men have a mutually beneficial relationship to Tripods (see Mutant Future page 100) which often act as transport and soldiers for the Brain Men. All Brain Men come equipped with mechanized exoskeletons (see below) to help their small bodies support the weight of their gigantic heads.
Brain Men adventurers and NPCs tend to be technicians for hire, merchants and wandering gadgeteers. These odd creatures can be found in any moderately advanced city, particularly Utopian Domes where they happily trade their knowledge and services for coin and a chance to test out their individual theories.

Mechanized Exoskeleton 
These gadgets act as a Power Beltpack that self-recharges at a rate of 1d4 discharges a day and corrects the effects of the Simian Deformity and Slow Mutant disadvantages. These exoskeletons can be worn under clothing and armor. These exoskeletons can be purchased only from Brain Men and must be specially fitted, costing 200 gp (100 for fellow Brain Men), and weigh a mere 5 lbs.

The Brain Men of Mars are inspired by the adventures of Stardust: The Super Wizard found in Fantastic Comics #6 (page 52-59) published by Fox Feature Syndicate and created by Fletcher Hanks. 

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Mutant Future: Gadgeteering For Fun And Profit

Mutant Future is loaded with technological tidbits from the legendary TIME OF THE ANCIENTS. An era
when humanity (and things that look like humanity) created all manner of strange and wondrous devices. These devices, vehicles and robots occasionally surface from buried ruins, hidden Utopian Domes and even mad inventors bent on conquest.
The neverending search for artifacts...
But what about all of those super-smart Pure Humans, Androids and Mutants? Some of these persons (PC or NPC) can be extremely intelligent, and coupled with the right mutations and enough resources, why can they not make some technological wonders of their own?
The following rules are meant to allow particularly clever characters to make their own artifacts, using salvaged parts and what resources a post apocalypse gadgeteer can muster. The resulting items may not look exactly like the original, and in-fact may have very different functions and abilities, but it will work.

Artifact Creation Rules
To create his or her own artifacts, the character must be of at least 9th level and have a Tech Bonus of at least +30%. The character must have successfully identified a sample of the gadget, or one similar to it to attempt to create an item (Mutant Lords discretion).
The more complex an artifact is, the more time consuming and expensive the resulting item is. Use the following rule-of-thumb:

  • Complexity class 1 (Batteries, gadgets, energy weapons, energy-grenades, non-powered armor) cost 5,000gp and 2 months to make. 
  • Complexity class 2 (Vehicles, robots, powered armor) cost 10,000gp and 5 months to make. 
  • Complexity class (Computers, medical technology, other very complex technology) cost 50,000gp and 1 year to make. 
Upon completion of the technological marvel the newly made artifact, robot or vehicle will be of pristine condition and will function perfectly.

Weird Technologies
Some artifacts, robots and vehicles posses abilities that closely mimic mutations. Such items usually incorporate weird crystal arrays, orgone energy or things involving some sort of Unobtanium to make such powers work. Characters and Mutant Lords designing technologies that incorporate psychic powers should add more than a little weirdness to their inventions. A look through the strangeness that-is golden age comic books with give you some great ideas.
Such powers have an added cost, as follows:

Level 1 Powers (+1,000gp)
Night Vision
Thermal Vision
Ultraviolet Vision

Level 2 Powers (+5,000gp)
Ability Boost
Energy Retaining Cell Structure
Fragrance Development
Know Direction
Mental Barrier
Mental Phantasm
Mind Thrust
Neural Telepathy
Toxic Weapon
Unique Sense

Level 3 Powers (+10,000gp)
Chameleon Epidermis
Complete Wing Development
Control Light Waves
Control Weather
Damage Turning
Density Alteration (Others)
Plane Shift
Parasitic Control
Reflective Epidermis
Temperature Control

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Like a great ring of pure and endless light
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