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Mythos Space: Mutation and Freak Families

Across settled space there are all kinds of isolated colony worlds, asteroid colonies and generation ships. And in such places, especially with hyperspace, radiation, limited gene-pools and alien ecosystems, a number of startling mutations become not only possible, but downright likely! Most mutations are minor things, like harelips, myopia, extra fingers/toes, skin disorders, limb length discrepancies or other medical conditions that can be explained away through unusually low Attributes or just as the players and Venture Masters imagination. But some are far more extreme, and call for greater attention.
Freak Families are bloodlines of people (HUMANS) who have a predominant mutation that is dominant in their bloodline. That-is, they breed true among themselves, or if they mate with people outside of their respective families. These Freak Families often live in larger communities, working in a variety of roles, often used as laborers, entertainers and a number of low-paying positions.
These are not the psychic-powered mutants you get in many sci-fi games. But there is no reason why these people cannot also be Psions or have Psychic Wild Talents as detailed in the Appendix of Grit and Vigor.
A few of the Freak Families of Mythos Space are:

Type: Warrior
Munchkin (left) and Gigante (right)
Size: Large
Intelligence: Average (9-12)
Hit Dice: 4
Movement: 20/80
Armor Class: 16
Attacks: Fists (1d6) or by weapon
Saving Throws: F10, R14, W15
Skills: Bend Bars, Break Down Doors, Lift Gates.
Environment: Any
No. Appearing: 1d8
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 200 (CL 4)
Gigantes (Goons, Lugs, Mooks, etc) are humans that are afflicted with Acromegaly or Gigantism, resulting in people between 7 and 9 feet in height. Exaggerated features such as heavy facial bones, big jaws and distorted ears are common. Despite the fact that many of them suffer from all manner of aches and pains, they are usually gentle, soft-spoken people. Regardless of their behavior and abilities, most people see all gigantes as brutish and quickly accuse them of all sorts of wrongdoing, just because of their size.
Gigantes are particularly plentiful on rugged planets, where the harsh climates make their great strength an asset. In the Bai Hu sector, Gigantes are the most plentiful on Skarl in the Kaiwan System and on Mnar of the Bullseye system. They are widely sought out as soldiers, guards, thugs and enforcers wherever they dwell. Along the trade routes, more than a few Gigantes can be found piloting Tramp Freighters and as mercenaries..

Gigantes modify their starting ability scores as follows: Str +4 (max 20), Dex -2, Wis -1 and Cha -2. Gigantes are large-sized persons with a base speed of 20 feet. They have a knack for Break Down Doors and Lift Gates. Gigantes have a +25% increased carrying capacity. They are large creatures, and  must pay double the normal price for armor and clothing. Gigantes suffer a -2 penalty on Reflex saving throws due to their distorted legs and bodies. Gigantes speak any language that normal humans can. They are limited to 9th level, except as fighters, at which they can advance to 11th level.

Type: Scoundrel
Size: Small
Intelligence: Average (9-12)
Hit Dice: 1d6
Movement: 45/220
Armor Class: 11 (leather jacket)
Attacks: Switchblade (1d4)
Skills: Hide, Move Silently
Saving Throws: F13, R15, W15
No. Appearing: 1d20
XP Value: 100 (CL 2)
Munchkins are form of mutated human that is of unusually short stature (3-4ft) that is afflicted with hypopituitarism (or pituitary dwarfism). These "little people" are quite numerous both in the Sol system and beyond. And though widely accepted they are often treated with the same affectionate condescension extended to children, a disrespect which they rightfully dislike but will often play up in an effort to catch enemies off-guard. Munchkins are well-proportioned and hearty, and are often possessing of striking features and excellent minds. They are often found in mixed communities and working as entertainers and as assorted clerks and functionaries.
Munchkins can be found across settled space and on colony ships. They are particularly plentiful on asteroid and deep-space colonies. Large numbers of Munchkins can be found on Baktun Station in the Chakumuy system, Ona in the Urizen system and in many other places. Along the trade routes there are many Munchkin captains and pilots, with such "Half-Pint Heroes" often becoming the stuff of folklore.

Munchkins modify their starting ability scores as follows: Str -1, Dex +2, Int +1, Cha -1. They are small persons and have a movement rate of 30. Munchkins have a knack for hide and move silently and have -25% reduced carrying capacity. They speak any language that normal humans can. Munchkins are limited to 9th level, except as scholars, at which they can advance to 11th level.

Type: Scoundrel
Size: Medium
Intelligence: Low (3-8)
Hit Dice: 2d8
Movement: 45/220
Armor Class: 11 (Heavy clothes)
Attacks: Club (1d4+2), or fists (1d2+2)
Skills: Bend Bars, Break Down Doors, Endure
Saving Throws: F12, R15, W16
No. Appearing: 1d20
XP Value: 100 (CL 2)
Pinheads are humans that are born with microcephaly, a neurodevelopmental disorder that leave them with a small brain and skull. They stand about four feet in height and usually have protruding noses and ears. Though widely disliked, pinheads are affectionate, exuberant, sociable people who love dancing, singing and spending time with friends and family.
Pinheads are most numerous on industrial worlds, working as low-wage drudges and heavy-laborers. They are well-regarded as hard workers and loyal employees. However they are often paid poorly and given the less pleasant tasks. In the Bai Hu sector, Pinheads are most numerous on the planet Skarl in the Kaiwan system, the planets Khem and Mnar in the Bullseye system and in the Ori star system. Along the trade routes, Pinheads make excellent crews on heavy freight haulers and on mining ships but very few of them ever captain or pilot their own vessels.

Pinheads modify their starting ability scores as follows: Str +2, Int -2 and Cha -1. Pinheads are medium-sized persons (though short) with a base speed of 30 feet. They have a knack for Endure. Pinheads are disturbing for most people, and so the reactions of human NPC's always begin as hostile (see Grit & Vigor page 69). They speak any language that normal humans can. Pinheads are limited to 9th level, except as rogues, at which they can advance to 11th level.

Type: Warrior
Intelligence: Average (9-12)
Hit Dice: 2d8
Movement: 45/220
Armor Class: 10
Attacks: By weapon or fists (1d2+1)
Skills: Bend Bars, Break Down Doors, Lift Gates
Saving Throws: F12, R15, W15
No. Appearing: 1d6
XP Value: 200 (CL 3)
Wolfmen are a type of freak that is afflicted with congenital hypertrichosis (also called Ambras syndrome) and are called Wolfmen because their appearance is similar to the mythical werewolf. Some werewolf families resemble lions or even apes. Of all types of freaks, wolfmen are the healthiest but are still not considered fully human in the eyes of baseline humans. Many play up their animal-like stereotype, using it to gain advantage and to maintain mystique.
In the 51st century, Wolfmen are most numerous on rugged colony worlds, especially ones with cold or temperate climates. They often adhere to many of the stereotypes of Wild Men of the Woods, with more than a few keeping and raising dogs or other wild beasts for hunting and war as well as to confuse their enemies. In the Bai Hu sector, Wolfmen are most numerous on the colder moons of Demhe in the Bullseye system and on Skarl in the Kaiwan system but can be found almost anywhere. A great many Wolfmen work the spacelanes, especially on tramp freighters and even in the Space Patrol as enforcers.

Wolfmen modify their starting ability scores as follows: Str +1, Con +1, Cha -2. Wolfmen have a natural armor class of 12, and suffer only 1/2 damage from cold attacks. They speak any language that normal humans can. Wolfmen can advance in any class to 11th level.

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Mother Goose and Goblins: Home Campaign

After pondering it a bit, I have decided to tinker with a "kids game" set in a Mother Goose and Fairy Tale inspired setting. The game will be using the rules from Bloody Basic: Mother Goose Edition, but will have its of gingerbread flavoring.

Rather than trying to detail an entire world, I will instead focus on smaller regions, and build the deeper details as we go. Suffice it to say that the setting will be a "Fairyland" world. It is a magical land/world of wizards, witches, and fairies, talking animals, dragons and everything else that might be found in a typical fairy story. Magic tends to be playfully inconvenient rather than lethal (though there are exceptions), and there isn't a full time Evil Overlord. Generally the technology and culture is medieval, although there are occasional anomalies.
The place is loaded with tall craggy mountains, deep dark woods, rolling hills and grassy planes. Even a dreadful swamp or two. The continent is south of the equator, so things get hotter as you head north, eventually becoming covered in jungles that would fit well for jungle-book and pirate-themed adventures.
As we need a good starting off point, we shall begin the tale in the Merry Land of Orn.

The Kingdom of Orn
Community Size: Large City
Population: 23,684 Adults
Size: 161.08 Acres
Races: Human (18,478); Dwarf (2,131); Sprite (1,184); Talking Animals (945); Other (946)
Gold Piece Limit:40,000.00
Income for King/royal family:118,420.00
Magic Resources: 4,736,800.00
Imports: Anvils, Silk and Spinach
Exports: Apples, Cider, Honey, Mead, Wheat
Famous: Dancing, Magic and Toys
Infamous: Guilds, Bees and Bogeymen
Orn is a prosperous kingdom that has a hearty mix of magic and industry. The land is renowned for its honey, apples and wheat. King Milo The Great rules here, and has lots of daughters. Protected by an army of wooden soldiers created by The Royal Toymaker and his tinker-elf helpers. Orn closely allied with the Dukedom of Grumley Bay and the small kingdom of Nowhere. They also have a pact with the Fairy Queen Benevola with Orn and the good Fairies allied against the Dreaded Queen Malevola of Bogeyland. The Church of St Nicholas is the largest church in Orn, and its Bishop Clement is very close friends of the king. This church has close ties with the fairys, especially Brownies and Leprechauns. The only other religion prevalent in Orn is that of Mother Nature, who is often called "The Lady" and is generally more of a reverence for nature, motherhood and sacred mysteries than an organized faith.
Orn is home to many humans as well as a number of magical races that would be at home in many fairy tales and folk tales. Most people try to get along, but there are always troublemakers. Some predominant races in Orn are as follows: 
Bears (NPCs)- Talking bears are valued workers in Orn, and are prized as bee-keepers.
Dwarves- Very active in Orn as craftsmen of every sort.
Pigs- Active in guild politics, the talking pigs of Orn are prosperous and more than a little bossy. 
Sprites- Orn has good relations with Queen Benevola, and so many good Sprites can be found here.
Wolves (see below)- Valued woodsmen and soldiers, but not entirely trusted. Often henchmen for the pigs.

New Race 
In addition to the races presented in Bloody Basic: Mother Goose Edition, I am also including the following.

Wolfs (Race)
Wolfs are intelligent wolves capable of walking on their hind legs and manipulating objects with their fore-paws. They stand about 5' in height, and often wear clothing. Wolfs are commonly seen as savage monsters,and are greatly feared. However a good wolf are usually seen as a "spirit of the wild," but most people can't quite get over The Big Bad Wolf stereotype.
In the land of Orn, Wolfs are often found working as fighters, tax-collectors and woodsmen, as they love the out of doors and are always ready for a scrap. A small number of them become Magicians, focusing on magic relating to wind and weather, to huff and puff up mighty winds...
Wolfs have a movement rate of 40’ per round while on all fours, but only 30' on two legs. They adjust their Strength score up by one point, and adjust their Charisma score down one point.
Wolfs can see in the dark up to 60’.
They can use their fangs to gain an extra bite butt attack each round that inflicts 1d4 points of damage. Wolfs enjoy a +2 bonus to saving throws against poison.
Wolfs can advance to 4th level as friars, magicians and knaves, and to 5th level as fighters. They can also choose to multi-class as magician/knaves, advancing up to 4th level.

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Mythos Space: Eggbot Walker (Mecha)

Eggbot Walker
Class: Light
Size: Large
Hit Dice: 15 (53 hp)
Armor Class: 19 (Steel 0.5)
Speed: 12 mph (100’)
Targeting: +1
Maneuver: +3
Weapons: 2 x light lasers, 1 x heavy machine gun (rifle), 2 x light melee (fist).
Cost: $6,000.00

The Eggbot Walker is a type of mecha that is in wide use on colony worlds, where heavy labor in dangerous environments is common. These vehicles are constructed from kits that make use of sleep-pods and other "leftover" components along with specialized parts. The pilot sits in the vehicles cockpit and can move about as smoothly as a bulky human. These mecha are used as two-legged tractors and as mechanized troops.
As combat units, these 10ft mecha are quite useful in battling the many strange lifeforms found across the far-flung colonies. They are especially appealing to colonists, as they are cheap and relatively easy to repair with scrounged parts (+2 to repair checks). Also, the low-tech aspects of the mecha are fairly resistant to infovore infestation.
All Eggbot Walkers come with the buit-in equivalent of an Advanced Breathing Apparatus (24hrs of air), Communicator and Motion Detector. These devices are integral, and cannot be removed. See Gadgets and Gizmos for details.

These rules make use of the Grit and Vigor RPG. See the vehicle rules on page 53-58 of the Grit and Vigor rulebook for details.

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Mythos Space: The Thuum'ha of Ib

Thuum'ha (Ibians)
Type: Humanoid
Size: Small (2 1/2 to 3 feet)
Intelligence: Average
Hit Dice: 0
Armor Class: 13 (light armor)
Attacks: By weapon
Movement: 30/300
Saving Throws: F14, R 16, W16
Environment: Underground, spaceship, asteroid colony
No, Appearing: Team (2d12)
Alignment: Neutral
XP 25 (CL 0)
"The beings of Ib were in hue as green as the lake and the mists that rise above it.... They had bulging eyes, pouting, flabby lips, and curious ears, and were without voice." -H.P. Lovecraft, The Doom That Came to Sarnak
The Thuum'ha (also called Ibians) are a race of alien beings originally from a lost homeworld called Ib. They dwell almost entirely on starships and asteroid colonies, travelling endlessly and trading their advanced technology with other species. The Ibians are green or green-blue with large heads, bulging eyes and large lips. Their voices are pitched lower that human ears are accustomed, making them a race of low-talkers.
Thuum'ha civilization is centered around study, particularly psionic powers and technology that uses noetic energy. They are completely lacking in empathy for other species, but are nonetheless inquisitive, and so can make an accord with other races on this account. They are also deeply avaricious, and will do just about anything for a profit. These aliens build elaborate devices, cybernetics, starships and robots, but have also been known to experiment in arcane pursuits such as the making of undead or magical and techno-magical devices. They are also notorious slavers.
Ibians organize themselves into research teams of 1d20 x 20 scholars (usually Inventors or Psions) plus additional fighters equal to 100% of the scholars. For every 40 soldiers in a tribe, there is an additional sub-commander with 1 HD. Teams are led by scholars with 2 HD and 2d6 bodyguards with 1+1 HD each.

Ibians modify their starting ability scores as follows: Str -2, Dex +1, Con -1, Int +1. They are small creatures but have a standard speed of 30 ft. per round. Ibians can see in darkness up to 120 feet and can operate in zero-gravity conditions without any penalty, including combat, saving throws and all task checks. Their rubbery flesh give them a natural +1 bonus to Armor Class. Ibians have a knack for swimming.
Ibians They speak Ibian and may also speak Elderian, Chinese and Naacal languages. They can advance in any class and can multi-class as fighter/scholars, scholar/rogues and fighter/rogues.

This material is using the Grit and Vigor roleplaying Game by John Stater

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