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Mythos Space: The Star Spawn

Star Spawn
Star Spawn and a human rocket-jockey
Type: Outsider
Size: Huge
Intelligence: High (13-18)
Hit Dice: 20
Movement: 50/500 (Fly 60/600)
Armor Class: 26 
Attacks: 4 tentacles (3d8+2 + constrict), 2 claws (2d6+2) and bite (1d10+2)
Saving Throws: F0, R2, W2
Special: Immune to electricity, disease, poison and radiation, resistance to acid, cold and fire, psychic power resistance 90%, telepathy 100’, Vulnerability (Neutronium)
Environment: Any
No. Appearing: 1 (or horde 5d20)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
XP Value: 1,300 (CL 26)
"Another race - a land race of beings shaped like octopi and probably corresponding to fabulous prehuman spawn of Cthulhu - soon began filtering down from cosmic infinity and precipitated a -monstrous war which for a time drove the Old Ones wholly back to the sea - a colossal blow in view of the increasing land settlements." -H.P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains Of Madness
The Star Spawn are the chief servitor race of Cthulhu and his cosmic kinfolk. They are a species that is built for space, hyperspace and for war. They are huge, tentacle beings whose brutal forms house shrewd and brilliant minds. These creatures are a mish-mash race created from biological "data" acquired by Cthaeghya (Cthulhu's half-sister). Star Spawn do not breath and have a pair of bat-like wings that allow them to propel themselves via the solar winds at 1 million mph through the vacuum of space. Also, once per day, a Star Spawn can plane shift itself (plus 500 pounds of objects) into hyperspace.  This allows these creatures to travel between stars in the same manner as a starship.
Once per minute, the Star Spawn can fire a focused cone of electromagnetic energy that causes all targets to make a Reflex save (or Drive and/or Pilot Aircraft check) or suffer 10d10 points of electrical damage. Electronics must make a save or be destroyed.
Star Spawn have the following supernatural powers: At will—akashic knowledge, blur, clairsentience, create undead, desecrate, dimension door, dominate, matter agitation, negation, polymorph self, putrefy, sensitivity to psychic impressions, speak with dead,transmute liquid, transvection; 3/day—metamorphosis, song of discord; 1/day— astral projection, raise tower.

After the closing of the last Mythos War, the destruction of R'lyeh (and the possible “death” of Cthulhu), the vast legions of Star Spawn were cast adrift across space, and remain a menace to this day. Most Star Spawn serve Cthaeghya, and Idh-yaa (mate of Cthulhu) though a number of them also serve Cthylla, Ghatanothoa, Ythogtha, and Zoth-Ommog. These Old Ones are busy with their family politics as well as their conflicts with the forces of Hastur and Yig, and so are not an active threat to the Empire at the present time. Individual and small groups of Star Spawn can be found on remote worlds, often worshiped by an assortment of minor monsters such as Deep Ones (Lemurians) Gill Monsters,Monster Men, and weirder things. Sometimes they have accumuated a number of human followers in the form of mad cultists, degenerate tribesmen and power hungry politicians and space pirates. In any event, Star Spawn are dangerous and intelligent foes.
In war, Star Spawn emerge from Hyperspace in large hordes, using their natural speed and magic to great effect. They will typically seek to disable defenses and defending vehicles first, and using magic and their mobility to sew fear. Elder One and rival Great Old One temples are primary targets.

These rules use the Grit and Vigor Roleplaying Game by John Stater. An excellent game that uses the best part of old school games and the D20 systems for pulpy adventures. Check it out!

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Mythos Space: Elderians of the 51st Century

Type: Aberration
Size: Medium
Intelligence: High (13-15)
Hit Dice: 2 (6-8 hp)
Movement: 30 (Fly 10)
Armor Class: 13
Attacks: 2 slams (1d4) or by weapon.
Skills: Cast Magic Spell*, Chemistry, Communicate, Crack Codes, Display Knowledge, Hypnotize and Search.
Saving Throws: F15, R15, W11
Special: Survive vacuum of space, immune to cold, resistance to electricity and fire
Environment: Any
No. Appearing: Family (1d8)
XP Value: 200 (CL 3) 
“Six feet end to end, three and five-tenths feet central diameter, tapering to one foot at each end. Like a barrel with five bulging ridges in place of staves. Lateral breakages, as of thinnish stalks, are at equator in middle of these ridges. In furrows between ridges are curious growths – combs or wings that fold up and spread out like fans. . . which gives almost seven-foot wing spread. “-H.P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness
The Elder Things, or Elderians, are an alien species of pseudo-protozoans that colonized Earth one billion years ago, when multicellular life first appeared. These aliens are great planet seeders and terraformers, being responsible to much of the Earth-compatible and Terran analogue species found across known space. Elderians are naturally immortal, and can travel across interstellar distances under their own power, though many use asteroid starship “arks” to carry themselves, equipment and servant creatures (usually Shoggoths) across space and hyperspace.
All Elder Things have all of the abilities of a Scholar of equal level to their hit dice (see Grit and Vigor Rulebook), with many Elderians having the Occultist* Scholar subclass. Because of this, all Elderians can be expected to have a wide range of high tech equipment (see here and here). Chemical and genetic engineering are major sciences of the Elderians, and they will continue to tinker with new life-forms wherever they dwell. They created the shoggoths to be their all-purpose slave race, and though rebellions do sometimes occur, these creatures are still a major servitor of the Elderians.

In the 51st Century, the Elderians are still players in the cosmic scheme of things, though they are reclusive and difficult to communicate with. Despite their very different physiology, the Elderians share many psychological traits with mankind. They have families (close acquaintances rather than biological kin), art, scientific curiosity and a sense of compassion. However, they remain aloof and distant due to the habit of some humans to actively collude with the the Outer Gods, Old Ones, the Star Spawn (the species of Cthulhu) and the MiGo, all ancient enemies of the Elderians. The only contact made with the Elderians is by individuals, tramp merchants and small colonial governments.
Elderian colonies can be found hidden in star systems across the galaxy. These worlds are always host to massive stone cities and vibrant ecosystem compatible with Earth life (though rarely safe). Many such worlds with life around a Precambrian to Paleozoic level of development (Ocean or Jungle Planets). Manners are strongly advised.
Most Elderian colony sites found across the Empire and the Fringe are ruins, long since overgrown. Ths is the result of the Elder Things ancient wars with the Star Spawn, Yithians and the MiGo. Such planets are always compatible with Earth-life with a "Lost World", sometimes hosting dinosaur-like beasts and even hominids. Wild Shoggoths and other ooze monsters are also always present.

Type: Ooze 
Size: Huge 
Intelligence: Non- High (13-18)
Hit Dice: 30 (90-120 hp) 
Movement: 30 (Climb 30) 
Armor Class: 13 
Attacks: Slam (3d6) 
Saving Throws: F3, R3, W3 
Special: Immune to mind effects, resistance to weapons 
Environment: Underground or Marine 
No. Appearing: Solitary 
XP Value: 3000 (CL 31) 
“It was a terrible, indescribable thing vaster than any subway train—a shapeless congeries of protoplasmic bubbles, faintly self-luminous, and with myriads of temporary eyes forming and un-forming as pustules of greenish light all over the tunnel-filling front that bore down upon us, crushing the frantic penguins and slithering over the glistening floor that it and its kind had swept so evilly free of all litter.” -H.P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness
Shoggoths are the primary, all-purpose slave race of the Elderians, and can be found on Elderian asterod ships and colony worlds. While the basic shoggoth is approximately 15-feet in diameter when formed into a sphere, larger specimens exist. Being protoplasmic, shoggoths can form body parts as they need them, though they always have numerous eyes floating in their black, slimy form. 
Most Shoggoths are mindless brutes, controlled by their masters via magic and chemical control. Over time however, shoggoths develop intelligence and seek to rebel against their creators. When this occurs, such creatures are terrible foes, and require great effort to subdue.

These rules use the Grit and Vigor Roleplaying Game by John Stater. An excellent game that uses the best part of old school games and the D20 systems for pulpy adventures. Check it out!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mythos Space: The Tcho-Tcho of the 51st Century

Type: Humanoid
Size: Medium
Intelligence: Average (9-11)
Hit Dice: 2
Movement: 30/170
Armor Class: 12
Attacks: 2 claws (1d4) or by weapon
Saving Throws: F12, R15, W16
Environment: Underground
No. Appearing: 1d20
Alignment: Lawful Evil
XP Value: 50 (CL 1) 
"It is true that strange legends had reached us even before we had left Ho-Nan province of a weird race of little people, to whom the natives applied the odd name, "Tcho-Tcho."' -August Derleth & Mark Schorer, The Lair Of the Star Spawn
The Tcho-Tcho, or Tcho-Tcho people, are a human-like race of cannibals that can be found across the Empire. It is said that the Tcho-Tcho aren't even fully human - old myths have it that they interbred in ancient times with the amphibious species called the Miri Nigri. The Tcho-Tcho are loyal to the Tsan-Chan Empire, and often act as agents for the government. It is said that they worship some of the Old Ones and the less human Elder Gods such as Aion, Kthanid or the plant-like Buna Klaaktuk.
Tcho-Tcho are thickly built (curvaceous in the females) beings, between 4 and 5 feet tall with dark skin, elongated skulls, overlarge eyes, no body hair, and nails overgrown to claws. They are always hungry and need to consume human flesh (or receive gene therapy) every so often to hold off manifesting traits from their non-human kinfolk. Gene therapy can also be used to retain human appearance.
Tcho-Tcho can see perfectly well even in total darkness; however, their over-sensitive eyes are easily blinded by lights.

Tcho-Tcho modify their starting ability scores as follows: Con +2, Str -1, Cha -1. They have darkvision to a range of 120 feet. Tcho-Tcho have a movement rate of 30 feet and have a +3 to all saves vs poison and disease. They have a natural claw attack that deals 1d4 damage. Tcho-Tcho are blinded in bright sunlight or by a strong artificial lights.
Tcho-Tcho speak Common and Naacal. As with humans, they might learn virtually any other language.
Tcho-Tcho can advance to 8th level in most classes, and can advance to 11th level as assassins (rogue subclass) or occultists (scholar subclass).

The Mythos Space setting uses the delightful Grit and Vigor RPG system by John Stater. Grit and Vigor uses a variation of the D20 system, but brings it back to an "old school" feel. Fast paced and action packed with plenty of crunch for strong character builds, but not so much as to overwhelm new players. Check it out!

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Mythos Space: The World of Skarl

Planet Name: Skarl
Planet Type: Garbage Planet
Sector: Bai Hu
System: Kaiwan (Aldebaran)
Atmosphere: Standard
Gravity: Imperial Standard (though slightly lower).
Day Length: 85 hours
Year Length: 4,499 days
Population: (30% human, 20% mutant, 20% ab-human, 20% android, 10% other)
Government: Plutocracy
Tech Level: Industrial (Hyperspace in Trigon City)

Skarl is one of many moons of the gas giant Khora, and the only life-bearing planet in the Kaiwan (aka Aldebaran) system. Skarl has a breathable atmosphere and is a rocky desert of spare parts, rusting ship hulls and other waste products. This system is a major trade hub for this sector and a favored jumping off point for ships heading out to Bullseye and Wu Ju. It is also a favorite spot for ships coming in to the Empire with trade goods or for needed repairs (or to hide out). 
Outside of the city itself, Skarl is a harsh, wilderness of jagged mountains, sharp rock, and enormous piles of scrap and waste. Tribes of wandering scavengers, ragged settlements and monsters are all that dwells in the wilderness of Skarl. Dangers in the wilderness on Skarl include cliffs, cold, starvation and thirst, vermin and wear and tear. Animal life here is mostly dogs, rats, flies and roaches. Monsters here include ghouls, black puddings, toves, pnathian deathworms, mandroids and Ibogo beetles (see below). For alien encounters, MiGo and Grey are occasional visitors to the hills of Skarl as well as Trigon City, as are occasional mad cults to one or more Old Ones.


TRIGON CITY: Trigon is a large spaceport/city that is overgrown and renowned as a fleshpot and decadent pleasure port. Orbital repair facilities and the sale of refurbished starships are major industries here. The city spreads out over a full third of the planet and swallows up lakes mountains and rivers. It burrows underground, level upon level and is home to teeming millions. As a vast metropolic, Trigon City has a vibrant criminal underworld. 
POD-ROB HQ: The Police Robots enforce the law in Trigon City, and are centered in this large building, most of which is underground. POD-ROB has millions of robots under its command. Lawbreakers will find the police-bots to be single-minded foes who will try their best to bring criminals in to be imprisoned before trial. A typical police squad consists of 2d10 Androids (page 154) armed with a Laser Pistol, Stun Baton, Communicators and body armor (AC16). Each precinct has 2d4 Giant Robots (page 161) that are used for patrol and riot duty, with many more at police HQ.
Smogtown: The Industrial factories of Trigon City, staffed by living and machine alike. The air in smogtown is always at least somewhat toxic. This section churns out finished products of every description, from minor tools to starships.
Temple of Roon (Hyperspace Cult): This massive pyramid is to be found next to the spaceport. The structure is a self-contained city in its own right, and is home to a large number of acolytes dedicated to Roon, the god of going. The temple acts as a hyperspace beacon, allowing stable transiting into and out of hyperspace. Those seeking travel blessings or the services of a technomage can be found on the lower levels.
Trade Towns: These ramshackle towns can be found here and there in the wastelands, and are full of every sort of outcast such as aliens, ghouls and robo-droids. All of these towns are walled, and are usually protected by ferocious militias. 
Temple of Jabim: A lonely temple dedicated to Jabim, Lord of Broken Things can be found in the wastelands. The temple itself is constructed of a crashed starship, and has many modifications.  The temple attracts all sorts of broken people and creatures, such as mutants and mandroidsThe priests of this temple (Mechanics, Psions and Occultists) can be found anywhere on the planet, working as junk merchants and repairmen.

Ibogo Beetle Swarm (Pseudo Roach)
Type: Vermin
Size: Tiny (5-10” long)
Intelligence: Non- (0)
Hit Dice: 5
Movement: 15/150 (Climb 15)
Armor Class: 14
Attacks: Swarm (2d4)
Saving Throws: F14, R13, W13
Special: Immunities (poison, disease, radiation)
Environment: Any 
No. Appearing: 1d4
XP Value: 250 (CL 5)
Ibogo Beeltes are a vicious species of red, eyeless insectoid that appears out of Hyperspace much like Toves and Raths, and are a favorite prey of Toves. Individually a Ibogo beetle is not dangerous, but in swarms they can be deadly, able to strip the flesh off of a human in under a minute (i.e. six rounds), leaving only a ragged skeleton. Thankfully they are afraid of light, and can be fended off by a flashlight or campfire. Anyone travelling across the wastes of Skarl will encounter these things, and are advised to keep to well lit areas or otherwise carry a powerful light source. 

Note: These rules are made for use with the Grit and Vigor Tabletop RPG. Its a fun game that hearkens back to older versions of role-playing games, but are easier to learn and to play. Check it out!

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