Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Polyester Road: Thinking about Murica!

After talking with some local gaming buddies, it got me pondering the Mutant Truckers of The Polyester Road setting again. Its a great setting concept, and absolutely screams for house rules and the details that only tabletop gamers can generate. So I will be posting some additional tidbits and thoughts on the setting. 
Up above we have a map of the continent of Murica. I have concentrated on regions along the Polyester Road and several regions player characters are likely to wander. 

Critter Symbols
On the map you will see some symbols that look like the ones on the right. These represent regions where these creatures are plentiful. There will be further details concerning these creatures, including stats.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dark Space: Sawsnark Cruiser

The Sawsnark Cruiser is a type of Boojum, or Deep Space Swimmer. They resemble vast spiny fish to the earth-adapted eye. Their sides are lined with gasbags filled with hydrogen; and covered with vanes and wings. Their kind evolved in the high tempestuous envelopes of gas giants, and their offspring still spend their infancies there, in cloud-nurseries over eternal storms. When these creatures reach adult stage, they "skip" through Hyperspace, and into deep space. Many species of Boojum are regularly domesticated and adapted into living Starships, as these creatures can be induced to reshape their internal anatomy to accommodate passenger quarters and other starship accommodations. 
Sawsnark Cruisers are used primarily as patrol and pirate hunting vessels. They are typically armed with x2 Flame Cannons (8d10) as well as the creatures natural attacks (see below). Sawsnark Cruisers can produce both air and water for their crews as long as they have access to food and light. 
Type: Monstrous Beast 
Size: Colossal 
Intelligence: Low (3-8) 
Hit Dice: 70 (215 hp) 
Movement: [Space]- 3,000 mph, Ceiling Unlimited  ft., Climb 500 mpg; [Within a Gravity Well]- 500 mph, Ceiling Unlimited, Climb 100; Hyperspace X2.
Armor Class: 16 (DR 12) 
Attacks: Bite (4d10 + swallow whole) and tail slap (3d6)
Saving Throws: F3, R3, W3 
Special: Immune to cold, fire, disease, radiation, energy drain and poison, psychic power resistance 95%, regenerate 
Environment: Space or Upper Atmosphere
No. Appearing: 1 
XP Value: 15,000 (CL 33) 
Ship Stats: CP 4/50, WT 450 tons, Cost: $60,000,000.00
Boojum of all species can and will eat anything. Space rocks, comets, other space-adapted creatures, starships, etc. However they particularly love eating a mixed diet of metals, plastics and meat (such as crewed starships). Thankfully, most of these creatures are domesticated, thanks to the efforts of Gillie Biomechanics. 
Once per minute, the boojum can fire a focussed cone of electromagnetic energy that causes all targets to make a Reflex save (or Pilot Aircraft check) or suffer damage equal to the Boojums current hit point total. A boojum's armor-like carapace is exceptionally tough and reflective, deflecting all rays (magical or scientific). There is a 30% chance of reflecting any such effect back at the user; otherwise, it is merely negated. A boojum regenerates even if it fails a saving throw against an instant death effect. If a boojum loses a limb or body part, the lost portion regrows in 1d6 minutes. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Dark Space: Starship Basics

Starfighters are a very important element of any proper space opera, and so I present the basic rules as per the Grit and Vigor RPG (by John Stater). In the very near future, I will be posting more specific vessels for the Dark Space game setting. So stay tuned!


Starships and Vehicles in general have the same basic stat block of creatures, with some variation to reflect their role as a vehicle. The stat block for Starships are as follows:
TYPE: All Starships are Constructs.
HIT DICE (HD): This is both the structural integrity and the amount of damage a starship can take. 
ARMOR CLASS (AC): The structure and armor of the Starship
SPEED (SPD): Starships are given a top speed in miles per hour. 
HYPERDRIVE: The number of Light Years a ship can travel per "ship-day" (24 Imperial Standard Hours). Some ships (such as a Starfighter or Shuttle, do not normally come equipped with a Hyperdrive.
CLIMB: For Starships, this is number of feet it can climb per round. 
CREW & PASSENGERS (CP): This is the number of crew (C) and passengers (P) that can be carried by the vehicle. “Crew” is the standard number of crew needed to operate the vehicle. In most cases, only one person is needed to drive the vehicle; other crew members serve as gunners or copilots. 
“Passengers” is the number of passengers in addition to the crew that the vehicle is designed to carry. Vehicles that carry passengers can use that space to carry additional cargo when passengers aren’t present. Each unused passenger slot allows the vehicle to carry an additional 100 pounds of cargo. 
WEIGHT (WT): This is the vehicle’s normal operating weight in pounds. 
COST: This is the price (in Dollars) of the vehicle. 


Huge Construct
HD: 22 (132 hp)
AC: 13
SPD: 3,000 mph 
MVR: +5 
CLIMB: 1,000 
ATK: 2 x light flame cannons, 
CP 1/0, 
WT 1,700 lbs
Cost: $4,000,000.00
Starfighters are small, single-seat or double-seat craft designed to swarm on enemies. Designed for action against other small craft, fighters lack the punch to be effective against large targets unless they’ve been modified to carry warheads.


Gargantuan Construct
HD 51 (179 hp)
AC 12 (DR 12)
SPD 3,000 mph
MVR +0
CLIMB 1,500
CP 4/12
CARGO 12 tons
WT 90,000lbs
Cost: $48,000,000.00
A courier is capable of extended operation away from its base (frequently a larger ship). Many low-end star yachts fall into the courier category. Space Patrol makes great use of Courier Starships, using these vessels for the majority of their patrol efforts. 


Colossal Construct
HD 70 (336 hp)
AC 11 (DR 24)
SPD 3,000 mph
MVR +1, 
CLIMB 1,000
ATK 2 x light flame cannons, 2 x medium flame cannons 
CP 4/20
WT 900 tons 
Cost: $52,000,000
Escorts are a long-range patrol craft employed for various duties, including the protection of merchant ships and remote bases. Gunships or missile boats could qualify as escorts.

Freighter (Light)

Colossal Construct
HD 96 (336 hp)
AC 10
SPD 3,500 mph
CLIMB 1,500
ATK 2 x light flame cannons, 2 x medium flame cannons 
CP 4/50
WT 450 tons 
Cost: $60,000,000.00
Freighters are simple spaceships designed for moving cargo and passengers. They have command cabins that can seat four people. Freighters are commercial starships generally employed in frequent runs, such as delivering supplies to small outposts and bases, or occasional runs of high-bulk cargo, such as heavy machinery or vehicles. Fast freighters often carry some minor defensive armament.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Dark Space: Pulp Space Opera

There has been a Setting brewing here in the offices of Aaron Siddall Illustration and MythAdvocate Studios. One that I think a large number of you will appreciate. So far I am calling it "Dark Space" as a catchall, but sub settings and terms will likely spin off from.
Dark Space is a science fiction setting set along theses that would fire the hearts of folks in the 1930's, 40‘s and 50‘s. Action, adventure, sexist pigs, gangsters, treasure, racist protagonists, and alien horror. It would be a space-going cosmos. With mankind reaching out into space, flying in atomic rockets. But it would not be a golly-gee sort of universe. The universe is haunted by alien intelligences, many of which are indifferent at-best to mankind.
A great many terms and elements will be drawn from the "Mythos" universe of shared weirdness by such authors as C.L. Moore, Clark Ashton-Smith, R.E. Howard, August Derleth and H.P. Lovecraft. However I will also be drawing inspiration from The Gaean Reach books by Jack Vance, Forbidden Planet, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, and all kinds of weird sources.
The Dark Space Setting will include the following:

An Evil Space Empire (maybe more than one!)
Super-Weird Aliens (Starfish Aliens, Neglectful Precursors, Eldritch Abominations etc)
Atomic Rockets (Standard Space Fleets). 
Real Science (as well as not-real science)
Space Pirates 

As an RPG setting, I will be using the Grit and Vigor roleplaying Game by John Stater. John has been kind enough to allow me to see the playtest version of the rules, and this gives me more than enough to begin work on the Dark Space setting. 
So get into your space suit and grab your flame pistol, because we have a wide, weird universe to explore!

I saw Eternity the other night,
Like a great ring of pure and endless light
-- Henry Vaughan