Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Angels: Part One

Angels fascinate me. The history and meaning of these beings is some of the most interesting subject matter I have ever encountered.

The term "angel" comes from the greek word angelos which literally means messenger. However in Hebrew, this Malach (messenger/angel) is only one variety. Others, distinguished from angels proper, include Irinim (Watchers/High Angels), Cherubim (Mighty Ones), Sarim (Princes), Seraphim (Fiery Ones), Chayyot ([Holy] Creatures), and Ofanim (Wheels). Collective terms for the full array of numina serving God include: Tzeva, (Host), B'nei ha-Elohim or B'nai Elim (Sons of God), and Kedoshim (Holy Ones). They are constituted in an Adat El, a divine assembly (Ps. 82; Job 1). A select number of angels in the Bible (three to be precise) have names. They are Michael, Gabriel, and Satan.

So what then is the difference between angels, demons, devils and gods? It is a tricky question that I will be tackling in my "gods" series of articles. I am greatly looking forward to working on this subject matter, and encourage all viewers to come by regularly.

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