Thursday, January 31, 2008

Homebrew: Icar

Icar is a science fiction game by Rob Lang, and one well worth the attention of fans of science fiction roleplaying games.

Though I am still digesting the rules, the setting of the game interests me the most. It it set in the far future of mankind (the 93rd setting). It is a setting with all of the fun components of space opera; FTL (Faster Than Light) ships, cybernetics, wild and weird weapons, habitable alien worlds and the like.

Though a cliche' the Icar setting went through a war with a "race" of intelligent robots dubbed Droids, who now control a great many star systems. Interestingly, these droids do not take the classical humanoid form most often deen in science-fiction, but are often quite vehicular in appearance (see illustration below). If these droids were not busy fighting amongst themselves, it seems they would quickly flatten mankind. Whether or not they would do so, is not entirely clear.

Mankind is controlled by an organization known as The Imperium that appears (despite the forces of cliche') to be good for mankind. It is the single greatest force dedicated towards mans survival and organization against the droids.

All-in-all, I like this setting. Its a nifty read and good to see such effort going into a creative endeavor. The game itself is free AND well done. Check it out!

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