Thursday, March 6, 2008

Alien Beasties

I adore alien beasties, particularly the sort that shows up in 50's-70's science fiction movies, and the kind you meet in a Dr. Who marathon (Tom Baker please).

Theres just something about those rubbery monsters that delights me to no end. I know you can see the zipper etc, but its more the whole-hearted devotion to the craft and an earnest hope that the viewer will be so swept away with the fantasy of the tale that it doesn't matter.

Sure complainers complain, but they do that no matter how "realistic" that ten headed monkey/robot/slug-monster looks.

To the left is a kind of monster I devised awhile back for a role-playing game. The monster (called Tli-Cal) is a sort of robot who instead of a computer brain has a human one. The end result is a robotic warrior that is cheaper (for its illithid masters) to make and control than a standard construct creature.

For the truly nerdy among you, below are the creatures statistics for the Dungeons and Dragons game system. I should note that these things are pretty tough, and if used correctly could likely beat the tar out of PC's.

Tli-Cal (Brain Raiders)

Large Construct (Cybernetic)
Hit Dice: 4d10+ 30 (54hp)
Initiative: +8 (Dex, Imp Initiative)
Speed: 40ft, Climb 20ft, Swim 30ft
AC: 19 (+6 Natural, +4 Dex, -1 Size)
Attacks: 2 Claws +9 Melee, or Staff Blade +9 Melee, Laser Rifle +8 Ranged.
Damage: Claws 1d8+5, Staff Blade 2d6+5, Laser Rifle 3d10.
Face/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks: Leap.
Special Qualities: Construct, Thralldom.
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +8, Will + 5;
Abilities: Str 21(+5), Dex 19 (+4), Con-, Int 16 (+3), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 14 (+2)
Skills: Climb +11, Jump +43, Search +10, Spot +9, Listen +9, Intimidate +8, Gather Information +9.
Feats: Alertness, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Mobility.
Climate/Terrain: Any
Organization: Single (with 8-10 Grimlocks), or Squad (4-10).
Challenge Rating: 5
Treasure: Half Standard.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Advancement: By Character Class (Fighter)

These beings are protolife constructs piloted by a humanoid brain, permanently grafted within the constructs “head”. These creatures serve the illithids with slavish devotion, leading hordes of grimlocks and other monsters against the invaders foes.
Tli-cal are the most often seen arm of the illithid presence, they can be encountered anywhere, but are usually used most in scare tactics. Though these creatures do not need to eat, they enjoy the “taste” of humanoid brains, and will snack if the opportunity presents itself.


Tli cal are not subtle, attacking with a barrage from their staffs before wading into savage melee.
Leap: Tli-Cal are natural jumpers, gaining a +30 enhancement bonus to all Jump checks. They are not limited by their height when determining maximum jump distances.
Telepathy (Su): Tli-cal can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 feet that has a language. This range increases to 3 miles concerning giltharid.
Cybernetic Construct Subtype: Immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, disease, and similar effects. Not subject to subdual damage, ability damage, energy drain, or death from massive damage. However, as Cybernetic Constructs have organic vitals (brain and ganglia), they are subject to Critical Hits.
Thralldom: All protolife constructs are considered to be under the effects of a permanent thrall effect towards the Elder Brain, and thus all illithids.

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