Friday, April 4, 2008

Campaign Setting Design 1

Creating a campaign world for a role playing game is very involved. But it can also be very rewarding for the GM (DM, Storyteller, etc). I prefer creating my own worlds because I am a creative person, and gain enthusiasm for the game the more of a "feel" I have for the setting.

So, I shall be posting my design notes here regarding a campaign setting. The basic premise will be a far-future of our own universe, where mankind has achieved, and lost a great many wonders. Think of it as a "Post-Historic" setting.

I will be calling it; STRANGE EONS

...But what system to use? I have a long fondness for D20 systems, and being as I intend this campaign setting to be largely fantasy, it will be some sort of D20 system. Perhaps a Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition, with numerous tweaks to the system.

I was contemplating using the Basic Fantasy system, which I talked about in a previous post. This would take only a few system tweaks, and would be a good opportunity to take the system out for a ride so-to-speak.

What do you think?
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