Monday, September 8, 2008

Under The Bridge

Though I have been getting a bit into the whole gaming thing for a bit here, from now on I shall be pushing more towards storytelling in general. I will still be posting game stuff on occasion though, so no worries there.

I have recently become enamored with the concept of storytelling. As a lover of the tale, and being of a dramatic bent (ie; I am a bit of a ham), I will be taking a crack at it. I shall be posting sound bites of my forays into this world, so stay tuned!
I also want to get back into discussions on myth and folklore. Its too darned important to let drop, and I love it all so much. All the stories of our ancestors, their beliefs, stories and fears can all be found in the tales that they told each other.

Make sure to stop by regularly, as I intend to post as often as I can manage. YOur comments and input are important to me.

But John, he keeps on questing
And the poor man knows no resting
For there's something hurt within him.
And the pain wont go away.
-Ragged John by Beatrice Farrington
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