Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Lots of projects are under way lately, with many more to come. But I will try to post assorted bits as I can.

I am presently working with Knightvision Studios as a concept artist for their delightfully complex setting Ebonyr. Its a very detailed world meant for "Old School" style roleplaying games.

To the left is one of the concept sketches of the settings bestial/scapegoat race called the Ruhk. This race seems to be more like primitive humans than the standard non-human goblinesqe critters that we see so often.

From what I have gathered, the Ruhk are tough, warlike folk. But are also innovative, cunning and brave. To reflect this, I want to portray them as people, rather than just tusked brutes. The image shown depicts a Ruhk woman gathering oysters with a child of her race.

Angelic Musings

To the left is a color piece created for the launching of Marcher Lord Press. This company strives to produce quality fiction for the Christian market that is geared towards fans of science fiction and fantasy. Its some good stuff too.

This was a fun project. I love angel imagery, but prefer "action" oriented angels. Biblical angels are often seen as frightening by those who meet them.

If you think this image, or other Aaron Siddall images would look good on a print, coffee mug or mouse pad, YOURE NOT ALONE. Such products can be purchased over at my DeviantArt Page. Just click on the appropriate image in My Gallery, and click on "Available in The Shop" and take it from there.
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