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Mythic Eighties: Aliens and the S.D.I.O.

As a continuation of the Mythic Eighties setting, I will be adding some tidbits, technology and a few characters from time to time. As stated there, this is meant as a super-hero setting for use with the four-color rpg, but can just as easily be fitted to other games.

The Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) is an organization of patriotic Superheroes and Super-Scientists (see Superhero Interventian Association) working in cooperation with the United States Department of Defense, that that is dedicated to defending the United States from nuclear attack. SDIO maintains an orbital base (STAR WARS I) from which agents of SDIO can watch the skies against attack. This base possesses an experimental Nuclear powered X-Ray Laser cannon, designed to shoot down rockets from orbit and to battle attacking alien threats.Supers wishing to join MUST be of a patriotic bent, and must have either super intellectual or technological abilities, or be able to move through space under his or her own power.



Aliens come in all shapes and sizes, almost all of whom are very advanced. Seen by many Earthlings including pilots, veterans and normal citizens, these things are hardly a mystery in the Mythic Eighties.

In all great comic book series, aliens are around. They invade fairly regularly, held off by the Earths stalwart defenders, often in the middle of urban areas, but just as often in remote places, the moon or in space itself. Despite the confirmed existance of these beings, mankid at large is prettly ignorant of these creatures, and the military is almost always woefully unprepared. Of course this is where heroes step in...
Aliens will be friends, enemies, friends and family to player characters, so consideration to such creatures is greatly encouraged. As with most narrative games, aliens should be based around the characters and the action that they get up to. If a hero is created that is from an alien race very different from those presented below, then dont worry about shoehorning in greys or reptoids. The game should be fluid and adaptable to create all manner of aliens.


Little grey or green humanoids of varying heights and facial structure, these aliens have been visiting Earth down through history. Despite claims that these things are friendly, they have a nasty habit of abducting humans and subjecting them to all manner of nasty probing of orifices (dirty little creeeps).
All greys have some psychic ability, and access to very powerful technology, utilizing energy weapons, time distortion and incredibly advanced spacecraft. Once captured, greys have special devices that negate the use of a supers powers or superhuman levels of physical might.
Role-playing Notes: Do not speak, or make any vocal sound, only stare, poke and prod. Be cold and detached, like the crueler sort of military dentist, deaf to the squeals of the “patient”.
10 Willpower 4 (2)
Perception 3
Piloting 2
Medical 4 (2)
Ranged Combat 3
Science 4 (4)
Powers: Telepathy (highly useful, rating 4(4), cost 20)
Equipment: Laser Gun (Ranged) Range-200, Damage 8, weird devices and vehicles.


Big, reptilian monsters of terrible disposition, these monsters are feared and hated across the stars. They are described as ranging between 5 to 9 feet in height and having slales and crocodile like features. Some large specimens are alaimed to have horns or even wings.
Reptoids are seemingly all evil monsters, seeing humankind as little better than playthings and food. In ancient times, reptoids have set themselves up as gods on Earth, creating extensive cults of human sacrifice to feed the sadistic lusts of these monsters. Many legends of rapacious demons and dragons are believed to have been half-remembered stories about the reptoids.
Small Reptoid
These common reptoids can be found anywhere. They are typically 5-6 feet in height and often go about in silvery jumpsuits or unclothed.
Armed Combat 1,
Athletics 1,
Pilot 1,
Ranged Combat 2,
Streetwise 2
Wound Points: 29
Typical Equipment: Pistol
Large Reptoid
These 9ft monsters are apparently leaders amongst the reptoids (called Drakon). They are all emmensely strong and have been known to wade through gunfire as though through a fog. Few have survived direct battle with them.
Athletics 3,
Body 4 (2),
Unarmed Combat 2,
Appearance -2,
Persuasion 1,
Science 4 (2)
Wound Points: 44
Powers: Winged Flight (Medium Level, rating 2), Scales (low level, rating 4 (2))


Humanoid Aliens
Alien super heroes and super villains attest to the presence of many alien races that look, speak and act much like humans. Differing skin color, and some internal deviations are all that seem to differentiate between Earthlings and “Space Humans”.
Treat most “common” humanoid aliens as normal folks, but possessing Science 4 (2) or higher and access to all manner of weird weapons, armor and vehicles. One example of a humanoid alien race can be found below.

Pleiadeans (pictured to the left): Also known as Errans or Nordic Aliens, are tall, fair beings that have visited Earth many times in the past, often setting themselves up as gods. Though they are attractive and friendly in a condescending way, they seem to bring out the worst in human followers (most notably the Nazis). They are believed to maintain a base in Antarctica, deep underground, and under the sea (Atlantis?).
All Pleiadean NPCs are created as standard humans, but with Appearance 4+, Intelligence 4 (2), Science 4 (2) and all manner of neat gadgets. Pleiadean pcs are created as standard characters though they must have high Appearance, Intelligence and Science scores.
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