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Strange Eons: Tethys Campaign

To start a good campaign, we need a solid and interesting region in which the player characters might wander. At this stage, it is important to not fall in love with every detail, as this will get in the way of a good story.

As with all of Tethys, the region is tropical, though enjoying steady winds from the sea, keeping the humidity from getting too oppresive. The central regions where the settlements are) is mostly mixed grasslands with some rocky regions mixed in.

Local wildlife is a vibrant mix of herd animals and predators. Of course, as this is Tethys, many of these creatures are dinosaurs. Herd creatures often seen are Camarasaurs, Kentrasaurus, Plateosaurus, Iguanadon, and an occasional Triceratops herd. These large herbivores attract attention and thus Predators often seen are packs of Coelophysis, Deinonychus, Megolasaurus, and an occasional Albertasaurus as well as many small raptor species. Monstrous insects such as giant beetles, scorpions, spiders and centipedes are common in caves and in thick vegetation.

Though the map may lead one to think that these lands are tidy settled country, this is not the case. The lands between the city-states are lawless places, full of violent predators and bandit tribes. Evil spirits, undead and capricious godlings abound along lonely paths and will snare mortals who are foolish enough to be at ease. So adventures; consider yourselves warned.

These fortified human communities are all self-reliant, though they do trade with each other. Each city-state (a rough term here, as some mentioned here are quite small) is its own power, keeping its own territories, soldiers and laws. Bickering, raiding and outright war are rather common between states, though Eusebes is considered off-limits due to its spiritual nature (and fear of supernatural reprisal).
A list of the city states found on the map are listed below:

Boric: Boric is a trading city between the coastal towns and the Ciconi barbarians inland. The town itself is largely a walled marketplace situated amongst rugged grassy hills. The locals are a tough, independent people that produce many excellent traders, scouts and craftsmen.
Population: 3,910 (roughly half are passing through)
GP Limit: 3,000gp
Community Wealth: 586,500gp.

Eusebes: Eusebes is a city-state of priests and intellectuals, numbering a dozen major temples and many smaller ones. It is a place of introspection and the study of ancient knowledge. The lords of this city-state are Clerics and Monks, leaving the day-to-day running of the city to acolytes and their many vassals. Eusebes is considered neutral in political matters amongst the local lords. Major Temples: Agdistis (xenogen cult), Cybele (bee worshippers), Dawn Singers, Oceanus, Tethys.
Population: 16199
GP Limit: 40,000gp
Community Wealth: 3,2398,000gp.

Maetaro: This town is basically a large fort with a small village of fisherfolk attached. The two families that rule Maetaro (the Gdon and Umus families) watch the coastlands for raiders, monsters and shipwrecks.
Population: 876
GP Limit: 200gp
Community Wealth: 8,760gp.

Maeonith: Maronith is ruled over by the immediate family of the wizard Photh the Unflinching and is known for its breeding of riding bats (domesticated Dire Bats). The island itself is inhospitable for farming, being largely rocky cliffs riddled with caves. The locals maintain a fishing fleet and small trading port.
Population: 1881
GP Limit: 800gp
Community Wealth: 75,240gp.

Solodet: Solodet is a solid trading port with a sizeable shipyard. The lords of Solodet are very political and have agents everywhere money is being made. Rumors of evil practices are common.
Population: 9456
GP Limit: 15,000gp
Community Wealth: 7,092,000gp.
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