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Tethys Campaign: Eusebes City Map

City Regional Guide
The city of Eusebes is one of bustling activity at all times, with the gates of this town nearly choked with streams of people, animals and carts laden with products for the cities markets. The many temples and shrines here stimulate a never-ending series of parades, prophets and sooth-sayers of every sort. A few highlights are as follows:

The Laws of Eusebes
The temples all have their own dedicated soldiers who patrol their own grounds, while the wealthy of the High Ward have their own guards, all of whom patrol their respective regions. The lower ward is patrolled by several gangs, who keep their own laws (see Avertine Court below). Beatings, dismemberment, execution and slavery are common penalties for criminals.

Library of Izanar
The highest point in the city is the great Library, which holds in its grounds a great observatory, the Council Chambers, The Shrine of Abrasax and the Library itself. The library is run and occupied by a small army of scribes and apprentice wizards, who tend the libraries needs and deal with those seeking knowledge.
Shrine of Izanar: Izanar is an artifact lord (machine cult) who is a great compiler of knowledge. This being has no other goal, and as such is not considered a competitor of other cults. Its clerics, known as Archivists, are recorders of knowledge and must remain impartial in all of their dealings, avoiding politics.
Cleric Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Law, Knowledge, Magic
Preferred Weapon: Dagger
Portfolio: Language, History, Libraries.

Temple Ward
This ward contains the greatest temples of the city, as well as many small shrines to lesser religions. The great temples of Tethys, Oceanus and Cybele have large temples and a great many adherants here. Competition between these faiths varied through the year, with not all such rivalries being friendly. Still, fear of other faiths taking advantage keep open conflict between faiths nonexistant (so far).
The temples here all maintain and guard underground storehouses of grain and other foods (Honey for the Cybele) for the Long Night. These storehouses are all well guarded and magically warded against vermin and rot.
Court of Mystics: The court of mystics is a noisy region of the city where all manner of sooth-sayers keep small shrines and shops for the selling of good luck charms, fortunes and potions.
Garden of Ifom: A beautiful garden located near the grounds of the Temple of Tethys in Eusebes, and considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Lovers and nature lovers come here to take in the sights and smells of the gardens, while the worshipful come to connect with their god(s).

High Ward
This ward houses the wealthiest of citizens of the city, and a number of excellent shops where the best equipment, jewelry and medicines might be purchased. No open markets are in this ward, with all shops being independant and well guarded.

Lower Ward
The region of the common folk of Eusebes, this ward host a wide number of small courtyard markets, roadside stalls and the busy workaday life of the city.
Arena: The arena of eusebes host a great many gladiatorial events for the populace, as well as some of the more spectacular religious events.
Avertine Court: Located at the gate seperating the High and Low Wards, the thieves guild of Eusebes operates within the knowledge of the high council. This court is expected to control the local gangs and to serve the council, keeping outlaw activity within acceptable limits and aiding in the defense of the city when necessary.
Avenue of Sighs: A long avenue of low-rent brothels and the nastiest sort of inns, where any flavor of debauchery might be negotiated. Though between the high, low and beggars ward, it is considered within Avertine law.
Eguz Market: An enormous open-air market surrounding a great fountain (wherein children play). This is a loud place, with the locals loudly hawking their wares. The market is designed for its purpose, with storefront shops being delegated to other areas.

River (Beggars) Ward
The lowest section of the city is situated along the Kanor river, and as-such is where much of the sewage from the higher wards leaves the city. The "River" ward is home to the poorest of the poor, brutal cutthroats and assorted riff-raff. Even the Avertine is cautious here.
Shrine of Agdistis: This shrine has its own courtyard on the edge of the Beggars Ward, where all manner of weird and much whispered about rituals take place.
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