Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Art Classes at The Kirkland Arts Center

Hello everyone!

I am offering several classes at the Kirkland Arts Center this Fall. I don't have prices yet, but once I do, I will post them.

Children’s Book Layout
Learn the basics of laying out a presentation book for children’s publishing. A must for aspiring children’s illustrators, and for those wishing to show their book concept to publishers. Students are expected to have a book concept and some skill as an artist. A sketchbook will be required for class.
Duration: 8 weeks
Schedule: Monday Sept 14 - Oct 20, 7-10pm

Drawing Fairy Tales, Then and Now
Fairy tales are normally placed in ages past, however this class will explore the timeless themes in fairy tales, and transform them into modern tales of magic and wonder. The students will choose a fairy tale at the beginning, and over the course of the class will re-interpret the story in his or her own artistic vision. Intermediate or greater drawing skill will be expected from all students. A sketchbook will be needed for each class.
Duration: 8 weeks
Schedule: Wednesday Sept 9 - Oct 28, 7-10pm

Drawing Faeries
In this class, students will learn techniques for creating captivating faeries. Intermediate drawing skill will be required by students, as well as a love for these marvelous creatures.
A sketchbook will be needed for each class.
Duration: 8 weeks
Schedule: Thursday Sept 10 - Oct 20, 7-10pm

Kirkland Art Center Inc

9 1/2 E Park Row
Clinton, NY 13323-1544
(315) 853-8871
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