Friday, January 31, 2014

Atomic Age: Spacebulk Tramp Freighter

“The sky is the limit only for those who aren't afraid to fly!” -Bob Bello
Value: 16,000
Fuel: 50
Size: G
Crew: 8-12
Cargo: 50
Hull: 500
Pilot: +10
Speed: 1,000
Standard Outfits: Grappling Cable, Laser Cannon, Tow Cable

Tramp Freighters are surplus supply ships of the Voltamen War repurposed for civilian use. These vessels were built to last and so are ideal for trade, exploration and salvage purposes. Like most vessels of their era, the Spacebulk Tramp Freighter is laid out muck like a skyscraper with each deck stacked in a manner to use the ships thrust to simulate gravity. With the invention of artificial gravity generators, such designs are no longer necessary, marking these vessels as being of an earlier age. Still, Tramp Freighters are some of the most often seen, smaller Starships in the space lanes.

Roboticon Service Mech
Condition: 200
Protection: 7
Hit: 4 (+6)
Attacks: 2 Claws or 1 built-in plasma torch
Damage: 2d6 claw / 2d6 claw or 1d12 plasma torch
Speed: 60', Fly 120' (in light gravity)
Stage: Advanced
Size: 20'
Defenses: E:10/R:15
Found In: Industrial zones
Level: 12
Software: I in Mechanics Skill
Salvage: 45%
Value: 5,900xm

These robots are produced by the Roboticon Interplanetary Corporation, and were standard issue during the latter days of the war. Now they are found primarily on colony worlds and in Tramp Freighters. As well as being powerful robot laborers, these robots can carry one or two pilots (who gain a +10 to pilot), and can carry 3 tons of cargo. They allow for some mobility in space, and supply life support for one week of continual use.

This article and the Atomic Age setting is using the Space Ryft RPG rules. It is an "old-School" style rpg that is fairly rules light and rather deadly. 

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