Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pulp Age: Grit and Vigor is GO!

Roald Amundsen Approves!
As I mentioned in some past posts (here and here), I have been developing a basic setting for the up and coming Grit & Vigor RPG by John Stater. Well, I have recieved my playtest version of the game, from which I and a few stalwart fellows (ie my gaming group), will be running it through the paces. The adventures of the characters and our thoughts on the game will be noted here on this blog.
So far, from what I have read the Grit and Vigor RPG is LOADED with potential. Pulp Adventure, Steampunk, Horror, War Stories, Wild West, Space Opera or any combination thereof are all possible. I look forward to seeing what our fevered brains come up with.

Pulp Age Overview 
This is a setting where the real world and a number of fictional events all happened, though not always in the manner presented in the printed accounts. As a general rule, many of the wild stories of Arthur Conan DoyleH.G. Wells, Bram Stoker, Rudyard Kipling, George Griffith and Jules Verne are all more-or-less true. This means that several types of Alien are REAL, the Earth has been invaded, and wealthy persons and governments have access to higher technology than the rest of the world.
Otherwise, the world as we know it is chugging along, with the greater weirdness being generally ignored, not noticed or relegated to the wild stories of old soldiers and sailors. Not all that different from today really.

For the Playtest group, all of the characters will be members or employees of The Explorers Club of New York, an American-based international multidisciplinary professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research. Towards this end, this club sends explorers to all manner of wild expeditions. In a world where Martians really DID invade in 1898, this can mean very strange adventures indeed.

So stay tuned!

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