Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mythos Space: Sawsnark Cruiser

The Sawsnark Cruiser is a type of Boojum, or Deep Space Swimmer. They resemble vast spiny fish to the earth-adapted eye. Their sides are lined with gasbags filled with hydrogen; and covered with vanes and wings. Their kind evolved in the high tempestuous envelopes of gas giants, and their offspring still spend their infancies there, in cloud-nurseries over eternal storms. When these creatures reach adult stage, they "skip" through Hyperspace, and into deep space. Many species of Boojum are regularly domesticated and adapted into living Starships, as these creatures can be induced to reshape their internal anatomy to accommodate passenger quarters and other starship accommodations. 
Sawsnark Cruisers are used primarily as patrol and pirate hunting vessels. They are typically armed with x2 Flame Cannons (8d10) as well as the creatures natural attacks (see below). Sawsnark Cruisers can produce both air and water for their crews as long as they have access to food and light. 
Type: Monstrous Beast 
Size: Colossal 
Intelligence: Low (3-8) 
Hit Dice: 70 (215 hp) 
Movement: [Space]- 3,000 mph, Ceiling Unlimited  ft., Climb 500 mpg; [Within a Gravity Well]- 500 mph, Ceiling Unlimited, Climb 100; Hyperspace X2.
Armor Class: 16 (DR 12) 
Attacks: Bite (4d10 + swallow whole) and tail slap (3d6)
Saving Throws: F3, R3, W3 
Special: Immune to cold, fire, disease, radiation, energy drain and poison, psychic power resistance 95%, regenerate 
Environment: Space or Upper Atmosphere
No. Appearing: 1 
XP Value: 15,000 (CL 33) 
Ship Stats: CP 4/50, WT 450 tons, Cost: $60,000,000.00
Boojum of all species can and will eat anything. Space rocks, comets, other space-adapted creatures, starships, etc. However they particularly love eating a mixed diet of metals, plastics and meat (such as crewed starships). Thankfully, most of these creatures are domesticated, thanks to the efforts of Gillie Biomechanics. 
Once per minute, the boojum can fire a focussed cone of electromagnetic energy that causes all targets to make a Reflex save (or Pilot Aircraft check) or suffer damage equal to the Boojums current hit point total. A boojum's armor-like carapace is exceptionally tough and reflective, deflecting all rays (magical or scientific). There is a 30% chance of reflecting any such effect back at the user; otherwise, it is merely negated. A boojum regenerates even if it fails a saving throw against an instant death effect. If a boojum loses a limb or body part, the lost portion regrows in 1d6 minutes. 

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