Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mutant Mars: A New Campaign Setting for Mutant Future!

New Campaign! Due to an old gaming buddy being back in town I am throwing together a campaign setting for Mutant Future. As I LOVE to tinker with campaign settings, I am not going to be using my Atomic Dawn setting for the game. Rather I am trying something a bit different for our post-apocalyptic fun. As follows:

The game will be set on a Terraformed Mars that was established as a colony world shortly before Earth was plunged into a devastating war that cut off the Mars colonies from the homeworld. Of course as numerous nations and corporate powers worked together (as weird as that is) to terraform the Red Planet, these groups got into fights as well.
So long after the dust has settled, Mars is a savage world. The adapted ecosystem of the planet reacted strangely since the groundwork, and along with cosmic radiation and the uncertainties of bio-engineered life-forms, mutation is rampant. Culturally Mars is dotted with city-states, petty kingdoms and nomads with only a few cities holding to a higher standard of culture.
Players can play any of the races other than Mutant Plants, and will be beginning at 3rd level.
Players of Mutants have the option of using Mutant Packages.
Also, characters have the option of playing Magic Users (call them Wizards, Sorcerers, Priests etc) by using these rules. Such characters will have to have a cool back-story and/or belong to a spellcasting society. More on those very soon.

Below is a map of the beginning campaign region:

Candor: A massive city near Mariners River-Valley. The city is built around a Utopian Dome and is home to a large and diverse populace. The city is mostly composed of tiered slums interspersed with barbarian splendour and advanced technology. The city has many industries, but the largest is the processing of Martian Ore from Nickel-Iron Meteorites.
Ignarh: A barbarian city that maintains a trade route across the plains. It is a rough place full of cutthroats and thieves. Ideal for adventurers.
Lakkdarol: This city-state is a dusty but prosperous trade town.
Lockyer: Industrial town that maintains the other end of the Ignarh trade route. A society of mystics rules here, communing with ancient gods of Mars.
Paleveria: A republican and capitalist state with class divisions. Ruled by a wizard elite and styled much like Roman philosopher-leaders. Thursia - A learning center of Paleveria.
Mariners Valley: A deep gorge larger and more frightening than the Grand Canyon. Cliffs and cave networks are numerous here as are a number of cliff loving monsters and bat-riding madmen. Travelers beware.
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