Monday, May 18, 2015

Pulp Age: CTF Bromion Land Ironclad

Ran across this ship design while sorting some files and remembered that I never finished it. So I thought I would do so and post it here. This vessel is a Land Ironclad originally designed for a concept incorporation the various works of H.G. Wells for making a Steampunk setting.
The overall setting is a version of the future predicted in The Shape of Things to Come. The Earth dominated by a "benevolent dictatorship" after a second dark age, possibly after repeated Martian Invasions (1898, 1932, 1953 etc). Now mankind, along with Selenite allies and Moreuvian Beast-Men (a labor/grunt class) are forging out into space.
Technology of a steampunk / Mad Science sort has aided mankind in other ways. Immense super-crops (The Food of The Gods), spaceships and airships and other gadgets. Unfortunately, these scientific elite are intolerant towards anyone not ascribing to a fanatic form of scientism.

The Land Ironclads Stats:

CTF Bromion
Tremendous Construct
HD: 120 (480 hp)
AC: 12 (DR 300)
SPD: 25 mph, ACC 10 mph
MVR: -2
ATK: 1 x tesla cannon and 3 x cannon 100 mm and 3 x heavy machine guns
CP: 24/5
WT: 2 kilotons

The CTF Bromion is a loud, smoke-belching land frigate that has seen many battles across the plains of Mars as Earth forces seek to dominate the Red Planet.
These ships and ones like it are designed to battle the Sarmak Martians and their Tripods, and have so far been fairly successful. Of particular note is the ships massive Tesla Cannon, a powerful weapon that fires a massive bolt of electromagnetic lightning, dealing damage equal to the ships original hit points in both electrical and fire damage. Targets can attempt to save for half damage.
The CTF Bromion is specially armored against Martian Heat Rays that it only suffers half damage from fire or laser attacks. Furthermore the vessel can be sealed against gas attacks and remain so for 48 hours.
The CTF Bromion is crewed by human officers and human crew, bolstered by Beast-Folk troops and specialists. The ships locker is always amply equipped with firearms, from pistols to rifles and more exotic weaponry dreamt up by the lab boys of the White Council.
Other vehicles such as heavier than air Aeronef, heavy-duty and scout Aerostat airships and smaller Land Ironclads often go into the field with the Bromion, but this vessel has more than once been in tough straits without additional support.

New Race(s)

Beast Folk (The Island of Doctor Moreau)
Creatures made from animals into the shape of men. Though intelligent, they are simplistic creatures who need guidance. Beast Folk serve as laborers and warriors having a social status somewhere between animal and man, with the more attractive animals (Cat and Dog) having an easier time of it. Within society, these creatures are considered second-class citizens, but can often form close bonds with humans who work closely with them. However such friendships are usually less like true friendships and more like a proud pet owner and his or her favorite pet.
Beast Folk retain their base animal form’s attacks (claw, slam, etc) and can go down on all fours, adding +10ft to their movement rate. Beast Folk characters modify their attributes and gain a knack as follows:
Ape (Chimpanzee)-  +1 Str, -1 Cha. Knack for Athletics.
Bear (Black and Brown)- +2 Str, -1 Dex, -1 int. Knack for Search.
Cat (Big)- +1 Dex, -1 Int. Knack for Gymnastics.
Dog (Working)- +1 Con, -1 Int. Knack for Track.
Pig- +2 Con, -1 Int, -1 Cha. Knack for Endure.

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