Monday, June 15, 2015

Mutant Future: Gadgeteering For Fun And Profit

Mutant Future is loaded with technological tidbits from the legendary TIME OF THE ANCIENTS. An era
when humanity (and things that look like humanity) created all manner of strange and wondrous devices. These devices, vehicles and robots occasionally surface from buried ruins, hidden Utopian Domes and even mad inventors bent on conquest.
The neverending search for artifacts...
But what about all of those super-smart Pure Humans, Androids and Mutants? Some of these persons (PC or NPC) can be extremely intelligent, and coupled with the right mutations and enough resources, why can they not make some technological wonders of their own?
The following rules are meant to allow particularly clever characters to make their own artifacts, using salvaged parts and what resources a post apocalypse gadgeteer can muster. The resulting items may not look exactly like the original, and in-fact may have very different functions and abilities, but it will work.

Artifact Creation Rules
To create his or her own artifacts, the character must be of at least 9th level and have a Tech Bonus of at least +30%. The character must have successfully identified a sample of the gadget, or one similar to it to attempt to create an item (Mutant Lords discretion).
The more complex an artifact is, the more time consuming and expensive the resulting item is. Use the following rule-of-thumb:

  • Complexity class 1 (Batteries, gadgets, energy weapons, energy-grenades, non-powered armor) cost 5,000gp and 2 months to make. 
  • Complexity class 2 (Vehicles, robots, powered armor) cost 10,000gp and 5 months to make. 
  • Complexity class (Computers, medical technology, other very complex technology) cost 50,000gp and 1 year to make. 
Upon completion of the technological marvel the newly made artifact, robot or vehicle will be of pristine condition and will function perfectly.

Weird Technologies
Some artifacts, robots and vehicles posses abilities that closely mimic mutations. Such items usually incorporate weird crystal arrays, orgone energy or things involving some sort of Unobtanium to make such powers work. Characters and Mutant Lords designing technologies that incorporate psychic powers should add more than a little weirdness to their inventions. A look through the strangeness that-is golden age comic books with give you some great ideas.
Such powers have an added cost, as follows:

Level 1 Powers (+1,000gp)
Night Vision
Thermal Vision
Ultraviolet Vision

Level 2 Powers (+5,000gp)
Ability Boost
Energy Retaining Cell Structure
Fragrance Development
Know Direction
Mental Barrier
Mental Phantasm
Mind Thrust
Neural Telepathy
Toxic Weapon
Unique Sense

Level 3 Powers (+10,000gp)
Chameleon Epidermis
Complete Wing Development
Control Light Waves
Control Weather
Damage Turning
Density Alteration (Others)
Plane Shift
Parasitic Control
Reflective Epidermis
Temperature Control

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