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Mutant Future: The Sixth Column (Faction)

Group Goals and Beliefs: The Sixth Column have embraced the super being named Stardust the Super Wizard (see History) as the savior of humanity. They believe that justice must be meted out, even if it runs contrary to local morals and laws. Vigilantism in pursuit of moral rightness is seen as a holy cause, and wrongdoers need to be punished in as extravagant a manner as is possible.
Identifiers: All members of the Sixth Column wear skin tight super-suits that have a sun or star motif of some kind. These suits can be worn under clothing, and usually are so as to catch evil-doers unaware.
Group History: Ages ago, before the tragic events of the Transgenic Wars (aka The Apocalypse) a powerful being known only as Stardust appeared in the Solar System. This super-being was/is the living avatar of a sentient star, created to perceive and interact with other sentient creatures, including the humans it was modeled after. Stardust used his awesome abilities to manipulate matter to dispense his own form of justice and he was accepted into the ranks of the superheroes.
New recruits
Understanding that children are the future of the human race, Stardust set up youth clubs across the Earth and the Solar System, encouraging young people to help spread his ideology and carry on his crusade. He gave the boys uniforms similar to his own, as well as high tech equipment which replicated a number of his own abilities. The boys, given these abilities, began to dispense their own form of justice in Stardust's name.
After his epic battles with the supervillain known as "The Great Question", Stardust was seen less and less in Known Space, finally returning to his "private star" for reasons unknown. In the years following the Sixth Column has tried their best to continue the cause of Stardust.
Game Information: The Sixth Column are zealots that perform "super-heroics", hunting down "bad guys" whenever and wherever they can. This might sound like a great thing, but these guys have a black and white view of things (though older members are more "batman" than superman), and can be a bit tiresome. Still, they do pack a punch. On Mars the Sixth Column act much like Paladins, travelling between Utopian Domes and Wilderness regions hunting evil-doers. A number of them operate off planet or are in the service of leader who they see as good. Such Sixth Column members are frequently hunting bigger game such as extra-planar monsters of supernatural threats.
Membership: To join the Sixth Column a character that is either a mutant human with NO drawback mutations or a Pure Human Sorcerer. The character must be of Neutral Alignment (LG, LN or LE). Entry into the ranks of the Sixth Column requires a passionate and ruthless zeal to punish evildoers by whatever means are necessary. Members of the Sixth Column gain a skintight Star Metal Suit and Thought Recording Collar (see below for details).

Star Metal Suit 
Originally created by Stardust himself, these skin-tight costumes are made of an indestructible "star metal" that is silky soft and very light. A Star Metal Suit grants the wearer an AC 2, and weights only 2lbs. Designs vary, but all of these suits have a star or sunshine motif. Non-members who somehow acquire a Star Metal Suit will find that is offers no special protection, though it will still make for indestructible underwear.

Thought Recording Collar 
This is a collar designed in a starburst or sunlight motif. The collar grants the wearer the Neural Telepathy mental mutation. If a non member of the Sixth Column wears the collar, it acts only as jewelry, with no special powers. A thought-recorder collar weighs nothing, hinting at the weird energies used in its making.
A powerful member of the Sixth Column.

The Sixth Column are inspired by the adventures of Stardust: The Super Wizard beginning in Fantastic Comics #14 published by Fox Feature Syndicate and created by Fletcher Hanks. 

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