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Mythos Space: Wenelian Pirates

Wenelian Pirate
Type: Aberration
Size: Small
Intelligence: High (14-16)
Hit Dice: 1
Movement: Fly 120
Armor Class: 13
Attacks: 1 (calcite snout dart)
Special: Immune to cold and poison
Saving Throws: F, R, W
Environment: Any
No. Appearing: 2d6 (1d6 x 10)
XP Value:

The Wenelian Pirates are bizarre alien raiders from the planet Yundu. They rarely come to Terran controlled space, but are fierce and ruthless when they do, riding their horrifying and deadly Starbeasts, and raiding colonies and taking slaves for some dark purpose. The Wenelian bodies are bloated, sausage like tubes, beautifully coloured in shades of golden yellow, mouse grey, ochre, and emerald, which they can contract and extend like a leech. At the head of the body is a wrinkled tubular proboscis. A pair of ear-like fins sits above this snout, and a pair of long eye-stalks. The Wenelians are a species that floats, writhing along above the ground.
The Wenelians primary weapon is a tiny calcite dart fired with amazing force from their tubular proboscis. This dart has a range of 20/40/60 and deal 1d8 damage. There is no ammo rating for the darts, the Wenelians somehow create it in their alien bodies in an unlimited amount.
The Wenelians are technologically advanced and can be expected to have access to all manner of gear. They have a particular love of poison gas (as they are immune). Wenelian Pirate raiding parties include 1d6 x 10 warriors plus additional non-combatants equal to 100% of the warriors and 1d6 Wenelian Starbeasts (see below. For every 20 Wenelian Pirates there is a sub-chief with 3 HD. Raiding Parties are commanded by a 7 HD chief who has a bodyguard of 2d10 elite Wenelian Pirate warriors with 5 HD and maximum hit points.

Wenelian Starbeast
Type: Monstrous Beast
Size: Huge (50-70’ tall, 100-200 tons)
Intelligence: Low (3-8)
Hit Dice: 30
Movement: 20/80, or fly 150' (in space 300k mph)
Armor Class: 26 (DR 15)
Attacks: Bite (4d10 + swallow whole) and 2 wing buffets (3d6)
Saving Throws: F3, R3, W3
Special: Immune to fire, disease, radiation, energy drain and poison, psychic power resistance 95%, regenerate
Environment: Space, Hyperspace
No. Appearing: 1 (plus 1d6 Wenelian Pirates)
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 15,000 (CL 33)

A Wenelian Starbeast is a great glowing green quadruped thing. It has vast bat-wings and stands more than 50-70’ at the shoulder. The monsters serve as mounts for the Wenelian Pirates who fly them through the void of space to attack and raid other worlds.
The monster attacks by buffeting opponents with its wings and sucking everything in its path into its massive vacuuming maw. Those hit by its wings (normal attack roll) take 3d6 damage. As it is beating its foes with its wings, everything in a 100’ radius in front of its mouth must make a Ref save (or piloting check) to avoid being sucked into the creature’s gullet. Everyone and everything sucked inside the creature, the victim suffers 4d10 of bite damage plus an equal amount of acid damage each round. The beasts are stupid, and may suck in inanimate objects, starships (Huge or smaller) small buildings, and even an occasional unfortunate Wenelian Pirate who gets too close to the mouth.
A starbeasts rubbery flesh is exceptionally tough and reflective, deflecting all rays (magical or scientific). There is a 30% chance of reflecting any such effect back at the user; otherwise, it is merely negated. A starbeast regenerates even if it fails a saving throw against an instant death effect. If a starbeast loses a limb or body part, the lost portion regrows in 1d6 minutes. The creature can reattach the severed member instantly by holding it to the stump.

Wenelian Pirate Howdah 
The howdah mounted on the back of a starbeast is effectively a small starship that can house 2d6 Wenelian Pirates or 1d4 humans comfortably. Anyone piloting a howdah can compel the starbeast it is attached to to attack, fly or enter Hyperspace on a successful Pilot Aircraft check.

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