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Type: Construct
Size: Medium
Hit Dice: 7
Armor Class: 16
Attack: By weapon
Movement: 30′
Save: 13
Intelligence: Average
Alignment: Neutral (N)
No. Appearing: 1
XP/CL: 300/4

SA—Surprise (1-3 on 1d6)
SQ—Resistance (falling and blunt weapons), Free Action (permeant)
SP—Clairvoyance •••, Detect Invisibility •••, Magic Missile •••••

The oculon is a construct creature created by magic-users to act as an assistant or guardian. The process of creating one is long and quite involved, but the resulting being is fairly powerful because of the many special skills it has. An oculon is as intelligent as a human, but is bound to the will of its creator. These creatures all have the skills of a 7th level Thief, and are completely loyal to their creator.
An oculon is humanoid in shape, though only vaguely so, and is 4 feet tall at the shoulder. Instead of a human head, the oculon has a flexible neck about 3 feet in length with a single large eye at the end. The neck is 2” in diameter and the eye is 4” across. The body of an oculon is light grey in color, and slightly glossy. The cornea of the eye is dark grey, and the pupil of the eye is black.
There is no rigid internal skeleton; the oculon’s movements appear somewhat rubbery, and it can flatten into a mobile blob of matter only 9” high, covering 6 square feet. When flattened oculons move at one-third normal speed, do not attack and cannot be damaged at all by falls or blunt weapons, because the body will “give” and absorb the impact of the blow.
An oculon can only be hit by weapons of a magical nature and spells.

Creation of an oculon requires the services of an alchemist and spells cast from a magic-user. Many exotic materials are required by the alchemist, and the total cost of his services will be 30,000 gp. The three most important substances necessary are a gland from a dhole, an eye from an eye monster, and the brain of a thief. Two to five weeks are required for the alchemist to prepare the mixture, after which the Wizard must cast these spells upon the fluids, in this order:
Unseen Servant, Magic Missile, Protection from Normal Missiles, Geas, Mind Blank, and Wish. The oculon then assumes its semi-humanoid form and is ready to take on assignments.

Pangea Ultima uses the Blood and Treasure 2E rules by John Stater. And excellent gaming system melding of Old-School and the D20 SRD. The Oculon originates from Dragon Magazine number 53.

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