Thursday, March 9, 2017

AMERU-KA: Landships

Land Tug seeking the Armadillo ruins.
Land Ship
Type: Construct
Size: Huge
Hit Dice: 60 (240hp)
Armor Class: 22 (DR 10)
Attack: Trample (4d10), crew weapons
Movement: 30' 
Save: 7
Intelligence: Non-Intelligent
Alignment: Neutral
No. Appearing: 1d4
XP/CL: 12,000/42

SD— Immunities (Acid, Cold, Radiation), 

Land-Ships are large wheeled or tracked vehicles, powered by  Oldtech engines that require coal for fuel. They are widely used to travel the blightlands, deserts and Savannah of central Midgard. They appear to look like ocean going ships only with wheels to travel across land. Humans and Gnomes favor these vessels above all others, using them to explore, trade and for warfare. A number of Rust Hags with Goblin and Gremlin crews also make use of Land Ships, using them much like land pirates. These will function more like golems than vehicles, though they will need pilots and crew to function. These vehicles are shielded from radiation, and thus all crew and passengers who remain below decks or in the ships wheelhouse are not affected by radiation/negative energy.
These vehicles obey the Helmsman at the controls and take no action on their own. A minimum crew of 4 is needed to maintain a Land Ship and up to 8 additional passengers may be carried. These vessels can carry 200 tons of cargo and room for 350 tons of coal. Fuels consumption is one ton of burnable fuel per day of operation (or 1 ton per 2d8 hours for variable terrain). Market price for one of these vessels is 500,000gp.

These stats are made for use with the Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition RPG by John Stater. Its a fun D20 based game that has an old-school feel. Check it out!

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