Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Hello all!

It appears that I will be running my very own Spelljammer campaign using the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition rules. Rather than re-inventing the wheel too much, I will be using the rules presented in Brian Danfords Cosmonomicon setting, which I will be mirroring and adding to here. Overall it is a mashup of Spelljammer, Dragonstar and Shadow of the Spider Moon material.

 As I will be expanding on this theme, I will be calling my own efforts "Cosmic Seas" as a general term. As a general introduction, the game universe is one that takes place across the galaxy, with fantasy races travelling between planets and the stars in magical space-ships called Spelljammers. Space is just as deadly as it is in our universe, but magic and weird science make this all possible.

The player characters all live within the Dragon Empire, an ancient Empire presently ruled by the Red Emperor, Xentarious. A tyrant whose Dark Elf secret police and Orc armies are casting a long shadow over the Galaxy.

More to come!

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