Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Aurora Trek

I know that I normally focus on more fantasy and folklore oriented material. But after seeing just how beautiful a job that was done of Aurora Trek, by the brilliant and talented Tim Vining. I felt I should comment! It is after all a storytelling exercise, and should be promoted by anyone who loves a good story.

That said, on with the review!

The story of Star Trek Aurora takes place in the Star Trek universe. The story takes place in 2270, just after the end of the original Star Trek Series, but before the first movie.

The series takes a look at the lives of the generally overlooked traders of the Star Trek universe. Usually on Star Trek we only get brief views of the actual societies that make the vast cultures of the setting work. In our own world it is always the adventurous merchant looking to make a fortune that finds new territories to explore, so to it should be for the Star Trek universe.

The entire production is gorgeous. The animation is superb, with ship sets that take the best of "old school" Star Trek and makes it seem alive and believable. Not only are the main characters beautifully crafted, but have a living quality too rarely found in science fiction (animated and live action).

The series is slow going at present as the author is also the animator, and digital animation is a slow process for one person. But at present, the show has 1 and 1/2 episodes, all highly recomended.

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