Monday, June 23, 2008


Hypercephalic Mage
Hit Points: 56hp (14HD)
AC: 14 (ring or armor)
Weapons: Quarterstaff +15 melee (1d6+1/1d6+1), Laser Pistol +12 ranged (2d10)
Magic attack bonus: +19
Magic Spell DC: 30
Skills: physical: +14, subterfuge: +14, knowledge: +18, communication: +14.
STR: 13 (+1), DEX: 6 (-2), MIND: 23 (+6)

Signature Spells: 0 Level- Detect Magic, 1st Level- Hypnotism, 2nd Level- Levitate, 3rd Level- Fly, 4th Level- Greater Invisibility, 5th Level- Dominate Person, 6th Level- Disintegrate, 7th Level-
Greater Teleport.

The Wizard known as Fong is an explorer and seeker of lost knowledge. He travels the worlds in search of ancient technology and will be very interested in any information regarding his interest. He can be found traveling in his ancient spacecraft The Wandering Contemplation, or exploring some ancient ruin in the company of dominated slaves and lackeys.
Despite being wealthy, Fong will not pay for items or information that he doesn't have to, seeking to charm or dominate others. Non-mages can expect to be viewed as lackeys by Fong unless they are of obviously superior power. Mages are treated much like students or rivals depending upon their power level.
Belongings: Scholar’s outfit, Spell component pouch, Wizard’s Spellbook, Laser Pistol, Signet Ring, Spyglass, 25,000gp in gems and one Falcon class spacecraft.
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