Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Strange Eons: Mutant Strangeness

Whew! This has been a busy month. And though going to get far busier, I will endeavor to continue the Strange Eons setting.

In the near future, I plan on further detailing the world of Tethys, focusing on specific regions, peoples and adventures. Tethys is a big place, full of mystery. And I look forward to exploring it.

Mutant Weirdness in Strange Eons
As the setting of Strange Eons is awash with strange energies, magic, breeding programs and alien interference in the ecology. I have decided to allow mutants. The actual appearance of the mutant is up to the player.

Mutants are almost always despised by most people, being seen as living symbols of mans degeneration into something less than human. Mutants should expect to be blamed for every plague and crop blight, as well as the birth of more mutants.

Many are exposed in the wilderness by their parents where they are often picked up by other mutants.

The "Many Race" Question
As an alternative to the listed races, allowing Humans, Human Mutants and Animal Mutants can give the game more than enough "races".

Hyper-Cephalics can easily be a Human Mutant with the Dual Brain mutation, and Beastfolk can just be Anthropomorphic Amimals (see below). I leave this decision to the Game Master.

Mutation Character Creation
Create a character from any race, applying the mutation rules found here. Of all the races, only the Beastfolk embrace mutants, as they themselves are highly mutable in appearance.

Please note that though Androids are a created race, they are derived from organic material, and thus can mutate. Such mutations are seen as an error in their manufacture, and are almost always terminated. Some Android mutants are considered "specialists" despite their inherant drawbacks.

Anthropomorphic Animals
Anthropomorphic animals are animals who have been mutated, whether by accident or on purpose into human-like form. Such creatures can be made with the rules found here.
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