Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Marcus Rolands Forgotten Futures

Forgotten Futures is a "rules light" role playing game system and setting. The system itself is a simple dice pool system that is easily adapted to individual tastes. Though it is the way in which Mr Roland has used this system that really makes this game stand out.

Forgotten Futures focuses its game world(s) around the "Science Romance" stories of the late 1800's and early 1900's, what we now would refer to as "Science Fiction" or "Fantasy". These stories and settings are the source of all sorts of plot devices and character standards that have been aped by later writers and moviemakers ever since.

Many of these wonderful stories may be found in HTML format of the Forgotten Futures website along with its associated setting. Check them out for a delightful read.

Roleplaying in the speculative worlds of H.G. Wells, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edith Nesbit is no small task. All of these worlds not only demand that the gamemaster and players maintain a character whose outlook, mannerisms and sense of right and wrong are very VERY different from modern characters, but that he do it with style.

But Mr. Rowland does it right. His presented game worlds are presented with a true dedication and obvious love of the genre. He works very hard at maintaining the feel of the time and settings while making his simple (but not too simple) system reflect this. Pure genius in game creation.

For thosewho love folklore and fairy-tale games, I GREATLY recomment the Forgotten Futures VIII: Fables and Frolics. The system for magic is brilliant! All player characters have a MAGIC score that goes down in potency based upon the characters age (though older characters spend their age as character build points), making magic more "natural" for children. Offsetting this requires that an ageing character learn the Wizardry skill, though such people will be very odd by other adults.

Neat stuff!
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