Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tales of Tethys

The possibilities concerning tales told in Tethys are enormous. It is a world full of passion, ferocious beasts (and ferocious people), lost wonders, and a vibrant, though in some ways precarious environment.
As a storytelling excercise, I will be posting deeper details on this far future version of Venus. Details on cities, tribes, ruins and individuals will all be included.

For those of you new to Tethys, further detains might be found here (though with a brief synopsis below). It is a far future, terraformed version of the world of Venus, now collapsed into primitive form. It is a land haunted by genetically engineered dinosaurs, homebrew animals, prodigeous plant life and really tough humans.
A great deal of effort was made to terraform Venus, though those who did so are long dead, the means by which they did it still remain. The ancient devices used to maintain livable conditions still function, and are maintained by ancient golems who savagely defend their treasures. For details on the mysteries of Terraforming Venus, look here.

Tethys is a hot, wet world, with daytime temperatures averaging around 80 degrees, with highs of 110 degrees being common towards mid-day. Night temperatures are less ferocious, with early highs in the 60-70's range, dropping into the 40's towards mid-night cycle. The long day and night cycle of Tethys (each being 243 Gaian/Earth days long) has resulted in a fierce environment.

Most of Tethys consists of shallow seas and islands, but there are two prominent continents:
Ishtar (at the top of the map, about the size of Australia)

Aphrodite (at the right of the map, somewhat smaller than Africa).

Phoebe and Labda, though continents in their own right are far swampier. Though they do host abundant life.
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