Friday, February 13, 2009

Mythic Eighties: Some Good Guys

You have to have some good guys to add a little texture to the game! Below is a shy but potent super-lady by the name of Lady Praxis (a Greek word for Action!), and her missing father.

Mythic Eighties Setting

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An organization of the worlds most famous heroes, the Pantheon stands as a beakon of hope and justice. They seek, above all to organize the worlds mightiest heroes against threats to the Earth. Founded in 1949 by the mightiest Heroes of WWII, this group has earned the fear and respect of foes across the world and even the stars!
Founding members include such noteworthy supers as Telos, The Pheonix, Argos, Mr. Mystery and The Minuteman, but has grown to a hundred dedicated heroes over the decades. They maintain good relations with The Superhero Intervention Association and The Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, with many members also belonging to those groups.
All members are expected to be ready at a moments notice to aid in Pantheon efforts as the need arises. Individual members may continue personal efforts as they wish, as long as this does not conflict with Pantheon efforts. Members can expect to be directed against aliens, monsters, supernatural threats and super-villains of all sorts on a regular basis.
The Pantheon maintains a permanent base on Earths moon, named Olympus Base, as well as offices in New York, Los Angeles, London and Sydney. Members may reside in any of these fascilities, including Olympus Base, though this requires the ability to get there under ones own efforts.
Inspirations: The Justice League, The Avengers, Legion of Superheroes, Stormwatch.

Heroes of The Pantheon:

Lady Praxis (aka Melissa Rawls)
Daughter of the superhero Telos (MIA as of 1978), Praxis is an powerful and attractive woman of tremendous physical might and solid ideals. Being half human and half Paidean (Telos world of origin), Praxis was raised to seek personal perfection and to uphold justice and truth at all times and to the best of her abilities. She is regularly puzzled by how few people share her passion for excellence.
Praxis is an attractive, statuesque woman with blonde hair and powerful muscles. Despite always keeping in top shape, Miss Rawls superhuman powers only manifested recently, and she is still getting used to them. Flying in-particular is awkward, though she is a fast learner. At present she prefers running and taking "extended leaps" rather than flight.
Praxis is a recent member of the Pantheon and as such is eager to prove her mettle. Her father was a founding member of this group, and as-such she has a lot of people looking to her as the next Telos, a pressure she feels distinctly.
Traits: Appearance 4, Athletics 4(2), Body 4(5), Perception 4, Persuasion -2, Unarmed Combat 3.
Powers: Flight 0 (more extravagant jumps at this stage), Body Armor 4(5)
Oomph: 2
Wound Points: 53

Telos (aka Maximillion Rawls)
An extremely powerful being from a distant world (Paidea), Telos came to this planet somewhere in the 1930‘s, adopting Earth as his own, and becoming an American citizen. He quickly drew the attention of the planet by his super-heroic efforts.
Telos has had many battles and saved the entire planet from certain disaster more times than can be counted, and helped set the standard to which all heros are held in the modern era. Sadly, while battling the dread titan Kronos in August 7th 1978, Telos disappeared into a dimensional vortex, and has not been seen since. He is missed by the entire worlds, even by his arch-nemesis The Harvester who has often sisnce been heard to despair over the "poor quality of heroes these days".
Telos was of human appearance, and of statuesquely rugged good looks. His powers placed him in the “nigh-indestructible” category, rendering him immune to physical assault or restraint. It is now known that he has a half-human daughter who has recently come into her powers, and has joined the Pantheon(see Praxis).
Traits: Appearance 4, Athletics 4(5), Body 4(5), Detective 2, Knowledge (Astrogation) 3, Knowledge (Galactic History) 2, Luck 4, Perception 4(5), Science 3, Unarmed Combat 4(5), Willpower 4(2).
Powers: Flight 4(5), Body Armor 4(5), Space Travel 4(2), X-Ray Vision 4.
Oomph: 4
Wound Points: 53

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