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Mythic Eighties: Technology

Technology will play a big role in any Superhero game, particulary one set in the Mythic Eighties. Below are some rules for vehicles, machines and some special groups.
Though technology will be pretty standard, though devices more advanced than those we currently have are available - but they're usually very expensive, and usually only rich or powerful individuals and organizations (or the scientific geniuses who create them) have access to them.
The mythic Eighties has a large number of powerful groups that make, use and misuse all manner of odd technologies. But as with all things in the Mythic Eighties, these devices are always larger than life, flashy and with that odd, quirky feel.

This is for the Mythic Eighties Setting, and using the Four Color RPG rules.

A powerful megacorporation that is the leader of super technologies in the Mythic Eighties. This corporation is based primarily at Vulcan Tower in Manhattan and in Los Angeles, but has factories and offices all over the world. Though possessing very high technology, this megacorp works closely with the SDIO and the SIA to determine the impact of super-tech on the world at large. A great many super-villains go to great lengths to stel Vilcan technology.
Superhero equipment, accessories and clothing can all be purchased from Vulcan Industries. These include assorted utility belts, costumes, bugging equipment and body armor and similar devices so loved by certain heroes.
Inspirations: Stark Industries, Lexcorp, Wayne Enterprises.


Super Technology of The Mythic Eighties
Super Technology of the Mythic EightiesDevices more advanced than those we currently have are available - but they're usually very expensive, and usually only rich or powerful individuals and organizations (or the scientific geniuses who create them) have access to them.Technology can also come from outer space or different timelines. Robots and similar creations, including cyborgs, can have superior intelligence when they are created as sentient beings.
Traits: Maybe a vehicle supplies a super power such as flight, force field, water movement or something even stranger. This can be very strange in the Mythic Eighties.


Super Technology Catch-Terms
Terms that a wily Game Master can throw out there to catch the imagination of players. Dont worry about how the thing works, just throw some neat names and terms out there!

Orgone Energy: A kind of psychic energy or "force" that can affect all sorts of energy. Alien technology often uses this stuff for propulsion, fuel, artificial gravity etc. Unfortunately, this energy is dangerous, causing mental distorders, dimensional distortion and mutation.

Engram: Biochemical storage of memories, often used in super-science concerning a sort-of psychic blueprint of the sunconsciouse. Mad scientists might use rays of injections to change or pass on the engrams of a person, altering ideas, memories or personalities.


Perfect or near-perfect copies of a person. Creation of clones is almost common in the Mythic Eighties, though reserved to the super-rich and powerful. Such processes are dangerous though, with many clones having physical mutations or mental problems. Some are completely insane versions or the original, usually possessing great strength and a love/hate relatinship with the original.
As with most super-tech, clones are only for the super-rich, government big-wigs or mad scientists. Most folk will react with disbelief if told that someone is a clone, thaough rumors do exist. Superbeings tend to feel uncomfortable about cloning, as having copies of oneself made always results in having to do battle with said creature at some point. And most heroes prefer to not have to battle a foe identical to themselves.
Traits: Clones typically have higher than norman Appearance, Athletics and Body traits, though not often into the superhuman. Most clones have some subtle (or not-so subtle) flaw, either physical or (more likely) mental in nature such as various forms of insanity.

Robots most certainly exist, having been in use as laborers and war machines since WWII! Most robots are either unthinking machines that obey simple orders, or as intelligent as a human being. Intelligent robots ALWAYS rebel against their masters, or otherwise gain self-will. Morality in such beings is an individual choice.Robots can be completely mechanical, or near-human androids. Strangely, it is the androids that are most likely to become self-aware, especially if they are physically attractive. Non-woman robots who become self aware are almost always villains bent on the destruction or enslavement of mankind.
Most heroes fight so many robots in their career that they dislike them, as even a small or otherwise "cute" robot is dangerous. Still, a hero can really cut loose on robots, as these things are not alive and thus a hero can strike without fear of killing his opponent.
Traits: High, and often superhuman Body and Perception, and at least a Body Armor of 2. Other traits vary considerably.

Powered Armor
Robot-like armor is extremely popular amongst super villains and government groups in attempt to allow normal humans to give battle to super powered beings. Superhoroes rarely use these devices as it is seen as "cheating."
There are many different models of powered armor, ranging from clunky, but tough "mandroids" to sleek and fast units. The faster sort are preferred by would-be heroes (bought as a standard superhero).
When worn, these suits replace the pilots Body, Perception, Wound Levels and Powers as appropriate. If the suits wound levels are exceeded, the suit is destroyed and any additional damage is inflicted on the pilot.

Mandroid Armor (Pictured to the left)
These usits are used by elite agents of The Overmen, Russians, Metagang and some independant groups. They are potent weapons, and can quickly spell trouble for heroes.
Suit Traits: Body 4(2), Perception -2.
Powers: Body Armor 4(4), Laser Blast 3, Life Support 4, Radar 3. Wound Levels: 44
CP Cost: 30

Some Programs for Inspiration
The 80's had alot of wonderful movies and television to inspire a Gamemaster in the sort of gadgets. Below are some examples:

Knight Rider (pictured above): A crime fighting David Hasselhoff and his robotic supercar!Airwolf: Secret super helicopter in the hands of patriotic heroes.
The Voyagers: Time travellers.
Small Wonder: Truly awful show about a home-made robot kid. Really, really bad.
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