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Mutant Future: X-Men Mutants

The other day I was having a conversation relating to the "comic book physics" aspect of Mutant Future (a major draw for me). And the subject of the classic, original X-Men came up. Back in those earlier days, the characters were not as cosmic as they are now, with the heroes being low-powered enough to worry about bullets but special enough to save the day against larger threats.

So below I have some brief writeup of the original Uncanny X-Men.

Angel (Warren Worthington III)
Race: Mutant Human
Level: 1
STR 16
DEX 18
CON 14
INT 17
WIS 12
CHA 15
AC: 7
Hit Points: 56
Mutations: Complete Wing Development, Increased Sense (sight), Weak Will (pampered playboy).

A mutant, Angel originally possessed a pair of large feathered wings extending from his back enabling him to fly. He is the heir and CEO of the multi-billion dollar Worthington Industries. This privileged background resulted in Warren being stereotyped as an arrogant and self-absorbed playboy during his early years with the X-Men.
Note: In game terms, angel is a bit of a wuss. Of course, in the comics he was slapped around pretty hard. So its all good.

Beast (Hank McKoy)

Race: Mutant Human
Level: 1
STR 18
DEX 18
CON 17
INT 18
WIS 15
CHA 12
AC: 5
Hit Points: 68
Mutations: Increased DEX, Increased STR, Mental Affinity (martial), Quick Mind, Simian Deformity.

Henry Philip McCoy was born in Dunfee, Illinois, in the United States, to Norton and Edna McCoy. Hank is born with a vast intellect, unusually long arms and legs, and unusually large hands and feet for a human; in fact, his body's proportions are comparable to those of a gorilla and later stories reveal his nickname in school was "Magilla Gorilla".
Henry's mutation more fully manifests during adolescence, providing greater strength and agility, and although his powers allow him to briefly excel in athletics during his remaining time at school, he soon attracts the animosity of his fellow students and other non-mutant humans. As he seeks refuge, he is approached by Professor Charles Xavier, who invites him to study at "Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters".
Note: Beast is the most diverse of the X-Men IMO. Hes strong, fast and very intelligent. I liked him far better before the blue hair nonsense.

Cyclops (Scott Summers)

Race: Mutant Human
Level: 1
STR 14
DEX 16
CON 16
INT 12
WIS 14
AC: 8
Hit Points: 64
Mutations: Automatic Power (cannot turn off eye laser if visor is removed), Disintegration (Optic Blast when "cutting loose"), Energy Ray (Optic Blast/Laser).

Scott is the first X-Man recruited by Charles Xavier and as one of the original five X-Men, Cyclops has had a large presence in X-Men-related comics since their inception. He has also been featured in almost every adaptation of the team in other media. In practically every incarnation of the character, he has almost always been shown to be not only Charles Xavier's most loyal student, but also the one who most believes in his dream of mutant and human equality.
Note: Cyclops was a one-trick pony in the comics, but he had alot of heart. Later on they made him pretty awful and self-absorbed, completely abandoning the original idea of a true believer in equality.

Iceman (Robert "Bobby" Louis Drake)
Race: Mutant Human
Level: 1
STR 14
DEX 16
CON 15
INT 14
WIS 11
CHA 16
AC: 4
Hit Points: 60
Mutations: Energy Ray (cold), Force Screen/Greater (ice shield), Natural Armor (ice), Reflective Epidermis (cold), Temperature Control (cold).

A mutant, Iceman has the ability of cryokinesis where he can freeze anything around him and can also turn his body into ice. Although he is an Omega-level mutant, Drake has yet to tap his full mutant potential. He has, however, begun to take more interest over the years in developing his abilities.
Note: Iceman has always been a character full of human-ness. He goofed around alot, playing games and trying to keep things light. They messed around with this character, but he has largely retained his charm.

Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)

Race: Mutant Human
Level: 1
STR 10
DEX 12
CON 12
INT 14
WIS 17
CHA 18
AC: 10
Hit Points: 48
Mutations: Empathy, Force Screen (Greater), Neural Telekinesis, Psionic Flight, Unique Sense (Mental Energy).

Jean Grey-Summers is a mutant born with telepathic and telekinetic powers. Her powers first manifested when she saw her childhood friend being hit by a car.

Professor X (Charles Xavier)

Race: Mutant Human
Level: 12
STR 10
INT 18
WIS 21
CHA 17
AC: 11
Hit Points: 36
Mutations: Frailty, Increased Willpower, Mental Barrier, Mental Phantasm, Metaconcert, Mind Reflection, Neural Telepathy, Possession, Unique Sense (Mental Energy).

Professor Charles Xavier is paraplegic, although his body houses one of the world's most powerful mutant minds. As a high-level telepath, Xavier can read, control and influence human minds. A scientific genius, he is also a leading authority on genetics, mutation, and psionic powers.
Xavier’s goals are to promote the peaceful affirmation of mutant rights, to mediate the co-existence of mutants and humans and to protect society from antagonistic mutants. To achieve these aims, he founded Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (later named the Xavier Institute) to teach mutants to explore and control their powers.
Note: Xavier is an extremely powerful person. Not just because of his psychic powers, but because of his money and access to hyper-technology. With his super-computer CEREBRO and his extensive labs he can scan the entire planets minds, create armies of robots (the DANGER ROOM), and otherwise mess with just about anyone.
I have granted him more than standard numbers of mutant powers to represent his growing prowess (perhaps gained through exposure to "alien energies").
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