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Atomic Dawn: The Alamo Empire

Aliases: Lone Star
Alamo City (See Map for details)
Area: SW Merica
Government: Monarchy
Population*: 1,456,800 (40% Pure Human, 20% Android, 20% Mutant Human, 15% Mutant Animal, 5% Mutant Plant)
Languages: English, Navaho, Spanglish
Imports: Slaves, food, lumber
Exports: Processed goods, technology
Alignment: Neutral
The Alamo Empire is located in the South-West region of the North American continent, and encompasses what was once Texas, Mexico, New Mexico, Arizona, Arkansas, and Southern California. The Empire boasts a high standard of living, an excellent economy and a potent military.
However, the Alamo Empire’s prosperity is built upon the enslavement of its mutant population. Mutants in the Empire are considered the property of the state, to be utilized as a specialized resource. Mutants of all kinds work as soldiers, guards, laborers, craftsmen and in some cases power sources, using their powers to fulfill their duties as determined by the Molech Corporation and the Department of Mutant Utilization (D.M.U.).
Under the command of the Emperor, the Alamo Empire is ruled over by a coalition of noble landowners and ranchers, who are responsible for maintaining troops and protecting their region. Freeman farmers and merchants form the "middle class," with peasant sharecropping tenants and laborers forming the lowest rung of citizenry. Mutant slaves have no rights as a citizen, and can never vote.
The people of the Empire consider themselves to be the successors of the American Empire, and have adopted a number of symbols and sayings from Americana culture.
*This does not indicate wild tribes, and outlaw bands in the wilderness, only official numbers.

Law and Order
Sheriffs are responsible for keeping the peace (a "shire reeve") throughout a shire or county on behalf of the Emperor, acting as investigator, policeman and tax collector, earning both awe and hatred from citizen and Noble alike. Everyday law enforcement and defense if maintained primarily by freeman militias, who maintain their own equipment and must be ready to muster when danger looms.

The Alamo Guard
The Alamo Guard are all specially trained soldiers that are ultimately answerable to the Emperor alone. All guardsmen are hand-picked, and are a motley and eccentric lot of troopers. Pure Humans are the most numerous members of the Alamo Guard, but a large number of basic and synthetic Androids fill their ranks. The main criteria for membership is fanatic loyalty to the Empire, martial expertise, and a never say die attitude.
Membership in the Alamo requires that the character be an Alamo Citizen or a Basic or Synthetic Android, be of Lawful Alignment, and be of at least 8th level. Would-be members must be approved by the Emperors office after a series of tests. If accepted a period of training is mandatory, after which the Guardsmen is issued a suit of Ballistic Nylon armor, a Warp-Field Sword, and his Badge.
The guard is responsible to defending the Empire from extraordinary threats, and as such are only deployed when such threats are detected. Though the guard numbers little over two thousand members, they are widely known and respected. The Guardian robot series (see below) grants the Guard considerable power, as these relentless robots are a true terror on the battlefield. All of these robots are built and commanded by Mastermind V, a robot survivor of the Transgenic Wars. This robot is a fanatic opponent of the "Mutant Threat," and considered a great ally and servant of the Empire.

Alamo Rangers
The elite troops and scouts of the Empire, the Alamo Rangers can be found wherever threats can be detected or suspected. Though of great pride to the Empire, quite often the Rangers are under-staffed, under-funded and stretched far to thin over a vast amount of territory. Because of this, members of the Alamo Rangers have to make do with salvaged weapons and parts, unusual tactics and strange allies in the execution of their duties.
Officially the Rangers are agents of the Empire, and as-such are supposed to be supported and welcomed by the nobility. More often than not, rangers must fend for themselves. They are seen as near bogey-men by the commoners, but their services are greatly appreciated when monsters are on the move.

The Big Circus (Sports)
Sporting events of all kinds are extremely important in the lives of Alamo citizens. Races, demolition derbys, wrestling, boxing, football, and violent bloody spectacles are greatly enjoyed. Alamo City sports a massive Colosseum large enough to accommodate 80,000 spectators (111,000 if standing), and hosts large sporting events on holidays. Far smaller arenas are the norm, with local arenas focusing on a small number of sporting events (demolition derby's and racing, but not boxing etc). Televised events broadcast from the Capitol are only available to the wealthy and tech-savvy. Some wealthy landowners will show televised or recorded events in town squares on Thanksgiving or other holidays.
The Circus serves as a form of penal service for the empire, with convicts and other undesirables having the chance to earn back their freedom by performing for three years in the arena. Similarly, mutant gladiators can earn a measure of fame and respect not normally given their kind in the Empire, if they survive (though they can never earn their freedom).

AlliesThe Empire, like any large government, needs its allies to share the burden of governance.
CostMart is widespread in the Empire and boasts many Superstores, factories, farms, and Utopian Domes withing the Empires borders (see CostMart for details). The Empire makes full use of trade agreements with this megacorporation, but also maintains its own facilities in case CostMart gets out of hand. Nearly all androids active in the Empire come from this megacorporation. Because of this, androids are greatly respected (and by-far more preferable company to mutants), and can even be found in positions of Imperial authority. Due to this close relationship, CostMart produces several special products for the Empires use. These are assorted vehicles, cloning and other medical procedures, Assault Robots, Advanced Armors (including the Light and Medium EMA) and many Grenade types. As these are highly specialized technologies, CostMart charges the Empire a pretty penny for this service.

Molech Corporation
The Molech corporation specializes in the acquisition and processing of mutant slaves. Agents of this corporation can be found all over Merica and beyond, seeking out specific mutant types. Slavers funded by the Molech Corporation are the best equipped and best trained in the field, though independent contractors such as pirates and raiders are also frequently used. Certain mutant animal breeds have taken well to working for Molech, particularly Canisoids and Pigmen, who both enjoy the hunt and the subjugation of others.
Slave Collar: These collars, once placed around a mutants neck creates an effect similar to the Ancestral Form mental mutation, stripping the mutant subject of all powers and drawbacks other than those derived from purely physical changes (Aberrant Form, Gigantism, Simian Deformity, etc). If removed, the mutants powers return immediately. Attempting to force the collar causes to collar to close tighter on the wearer (treat as though drowning). These collars have no affect upon Pure Humans.

The Vatican
Since the drowning of Rome the Vatican is now located North-West of Alamo City and though within the borders of the Empire, it is considered a separate country. The present leader of the church Pope Callistus III (Antonio Velez) was born in the Empire and is a particularly skilled spokesman. Despite the sentiments towards mutants, the Pope promotes mercy towards mutant humans.
Though the Empire does not have a State Religion, a great many people in the Empire are Catholic (see Atomic Dawn: Religion for the settings take on religions), with a particular love for Saint Agatha, Saint Francis, and Saint Isidore of Seville (Patron Saint of Technology). Saint Christopher and Saint Death are popular amongst remote communities and the mutant population.
Missionaries from the Vatican can be found all over the continent and beyond. A primary focus of The Church is to glean information of the ancient world from ruins, particularly cultural texts, artwork and history to attempt to piece together a more complete picture of the world before the collapse. Because of this, the Vatican sports a vast library and numerous print-shops in an attempt at re-distributing worthwhile texts.
The Order of Saint Isidore (Isadorian Order): This order reveres the teachings and example of Saint Isidore of Seville (San Isidro), a scholarly saint dedicated to the accumulation and observation of knowledge. In the present age this order is dedicated to preserving and acquisition of knowledge via the scientific method. This order has their own technologists and repair facilities, fully capable of building and repairing a wide range of vehicles and devices, including the Heavy EMA armor used by the Swiss Guard.

The Empire counts many enemies, and is vigilant in keeping an eye on all such foes. Here are a few that are near its borders.

The Alien rulers of Atlantis are a great concern to the Empire, as their motives are unreadable and their technology far to powerful for comfort. No direct action against Atlantis has been undertaken as of yet, but it is only a matter of time. See Aliens for details. More about this city-state will be posted soon.

New Eden
The Mormon land of New Eden is not an aggressive or expansionist power, however Edens United Order form of government is deeply disturbing to the feudal government of the Empire and its Americana roots. Furthermore, Edens policy of Mutant Rights and its blasphemous insistence that Mutant Animals and Mutant Plants have eternal souls make this nation of great dislike and growing concern for the Empire.
The Molech Corporation has reported that highly organized militias of Edenite mutants have proven to be potent foes during slave-hunting expeditions. More focused action is being considered by the Empire.

The A.I. overlord of V.E.G.A.S. has made no bones about its disdain for organic life, or its intent upon assaulting Alamo citizens and lands. The robotic forces of V.E.G.A.S. frequently raid into the Empire, and have proven to be extremely powerful and well-organized.

Alamo Robots
The Alamo Empire uses a wide assortment of robot types. Though most such robots are purchased via contract with CostMart, the Guardian series robot is designed, built and used exclusively by the Alamo Guard, and are completely loyal to the Empire.

Guardian (Mutant Hunter Mark IV)
Hit Dice: 40
Frame: Biomorph
Locomotion: Legs (Pair), Thrusters (Fly 300 mph)
Manipulators: Basic Hand
Armor: Reactive Armor (AC 1)
Sensors: Class V, Mutant Detection Array*
Mental Programming: Artificial Intelligence
Accessories: AV Recorder, Inertial Inhibitor, Self-destruct, Self-repair Unit, Vocalizer.
Weaponry: Fists (1d12+4), Fusion Rifle (Right Palm), Maser Rifle (Left Palm)

Guardians are the Empires answer to the greater mutant threat. These robots are used primarily in policing actions regarding mutant-kind, but will also be deployed in the case of rampaging monsters. All of these robots are completely loyal to the Empire, and dogmatic in regards to neutralizing the mutant threat. Consider all Guardian Robots to have INT 10, WIL 14, and CHA 6. They can frequently be found working alongside Alamo Rangers and Elite Alamo Guard troops.
Guardians are not subtle opponents. They will typically begin an encounter with enemies with an extremely loud command of "SURRENDER OR BE TERMINATED!" Failure to immediately comply with this command will be met with focused assault. More powerful beings are attacked immediately with no warning.
*The Mutant Detection Array allows the Guardian to detect the presence of Mutants and to identify the mutant type (Animal, Human, Plant). This functions out to a range of 120 feet.
ech Tank (Bio-Energy Phlebotomy
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