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Atomic Dawn: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Self-aware computers had already become heavily integrated in the Military-industrial complex of the late Anthropocene, giving rise to a wide array of new technologies, including the first Androids. After the Transgenic War(s) broke out, these A.I.'s role quickly changed from servant to caretaker for the humanity that created them. The greatest and most effective A.I.'s of this sort worked hard at expanding their already impressive intellect in an effort to better fulfill their duties. Many became "merely" more specialized machines, far better functioning but more easily recognizable from their origins. Some became something far more, transforming to super-intelligent beings of vast personal power.
Greater A.I.'s: These are the Artificial Intelligences that have been greatly enhanced through self-effort. Each of them is a unique being with its own thoughts and motivations. All Greater A.I.'s can be considered to have the following traits:
Attributes: Intelligence 21, Willpower 21, Charisma 21
Mental Mutations: Increased Willpower, Intellectual Affinity (All), Mental Barrier, Metaconcert, Possession (Androids and robots only), Precognition, Mind Reflection, Quick Mind.

A Sample A.I.'s of Atomic Dawn

Apollo Prime (Greater A.I.)
Apollo Prime is the ruling A.I. of Luna and the force behind the paraterraforming of Copernicus Crater. From its underground stronghold, this being has access to a vast array of technology, from hyper-advanced assembly and repair facilities, nigh limitless energy and an army of loyal androids, robots and other servants. Nanofactories within this beings body allow him/her to produce a wide range of drugs and chemicals (all those found in MF pg 125). This coupled with Apollo Primes vast medical knowledge and other powers make it possible for him/her to engineer a wide range of specialized mutants and androids for its paraterraforming efforts.
When Apollo Prime shows itself, he/she appears as an androgynous humanoid being composed of a shimmering metal interlaced with geometric shapes. He/She is described as a courteous but aloof being who seems perpetually distracted. This Greater A.I. takes the health and protection of Luna as its primary concern, watching over its ecosystem and the worldhouse dome like a mother hen.
Hit Dice: 50
Frame: Liquid State (Nanoswarm)
Locomotion: Legs (Pair), Thrusters
Manipulators: Advanced Hand
Armor: Reactive Diamondoid Armor (AC -4)
Sensors: Nerve Web
Mental Programming: Artificial Intelligence, Greater (see above)
Accessories: AV Recorder/Transmitter, Diagnostic Scanner, Remote Control Unit, Vocalizer, Magnetic Feet, Inertial Inhibitor, Photon Screen, Robot Repair Unit. Greater A.I. Traits (see above) plus Ancestral Form, Body Adjustment, Control Light Waves, Control Weather, Density Alteration (Self and Others), Disintegrate, Greater Force Screen, Neural Telepathy and Teleport.
Weaponry: Energy Fists (as Energy Baton), Mutation Eye Rays (treat as Mutation Bomb), Stun Pistol, Warp-Field Claws (as Warp Field Sword), X-Laser Rifle. All of these weapons are seamlessly housed, forming out of Apollo Primes substance.

Copernicus Crater (Atomic Dawn Locale)
Copernicus Crater is encased in a massive dome composed of carbon nanotubes and maintained by repair nanobots under the control of Apollo Prime. The crater has a diameter of 93 kilometers and is completely terraformed.
Life within the dome is idyllic, with a Mediterranean climate with moderate rainfall, warm weather and gentle tides.
The lower gravity makes plants and animals much taller on average, with flying creatures being truly impressive.
Civilization is sparse and anything of greater than stone age technology being restricted to the Temple Beautiful, a technologically sophisticated pyramid dedicated to healing and enlightenment. It is in this facility that Apollo Prime interacts most with the people who dwell in Copernicus Crater, albeit mostly in the form of holograms or using one of his many avatars (treat as Replicant Androids with 21 in all attributes).
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