Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snarky Avenger Reboot!

To the left you will see the art for a postcard that will be handed out at Demicon, where I and my partner in crime Taylor Kent will be making an appearance.

This webcomic is a reboot of an earlier attempt, and is far better in the upcoming incarnation. The Snarky Avenger will be launched Tuesday April 19th, and will be posted twice a week. The web-address for the comic will be

The Snarky Avenger is a humorous superhero comic. Pictured here is (from Left to Right)- The Snarky Avenger, Bruce-Ann (Australian Ninja Princess), and The Man with The Bionic Extension (Not what you think!). In the back is a Bug-Bear, who in this setting are a race of aliens that strip planets of their confection making resources, cruelly leaving folks to rely on broccoli for a tasty treat.

Also- I will be selling some original artwork in the Art Room. So if you want to snap up some quality illustrations by yours truly, stop on by.
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