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No. Enc.: 1d4
Alignment: Lawful
Movement: 90' (30'), swim 150' (50')
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 9
Attacks: 2 (2 pincers)
Damage: 2d6/2d6
Save: L12
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: III, IV, IX, XXI
The Decapodians are a race of sapient, lobster-like creatures from Decapod 10. Like lobsters or crabs on Earth, Decapodians have no bones. Instead they have an exoskeleton—a hard, chitinous shell which gives their body the rigidity needed to move about. They may vary in colour from pink, red, or brown, and all hues in between. They have claws instead of hands and feet, and have a row of four small finger-like flaps that cover their mouths. Decapodians are very strong, and their claws are sharp enough to cut steel bars and similarly hard things. Decapodians are cold-blooded, the blood appears to be light purple in color. When in danger, a decapodian can spray a 20’ radius cloud of black ink to obscure its escape. This defense is only truly effective underwater, as online it only manages to make a mess rather than an effective defense.
Decapodians are a species that can survive in or out of the water, though they prefer hot, damp environments and despise the cold. These creatures have taken up residence in the coastal seas where they harvest sea life for food, and conduct medical and genetic experiments upon Earth life-forms. It is believed that a number of the aquatic monsters and races of the Mutant Future are the result of Decapodian experimentation. Cephalapoids and Fishmen are often found in large numbers near or around Decapodian controlled regions.
Mutations: Bizarre Appearance (all non-aquatic creatures find them disturbing), Natural Armor (heavy), Pain Insensitivity, Xenomorphism (Gills), plus 1d4 Mental Mutations.

Decapodian (Race)
Hit Dice: 1d6 per point of CON
Mutations: Bizarre Appearance (all non-aquatic creatures find them disturbing), Natural Armor (heavy), Pain Insensitivity, Xenomorphism (Gills), plus 1d4 Mental Mutations.
Decapodians are an alien race from the distant world of Decapod 10. Decapodians are essentially humanoid crustaceans, they have an exoskeleton shell, claws for hands, four seemingly prehensile appendages above their mouths and no hair. They аlso possess a fin-like crest that appears when they are enraged or aroused, as well as an ink gland similar to the Earth octopus. They are capable of breathing air and water, so in the rare event that they retreat, they will often head toward the nearest body of water. They walk awkwardly on land (at 90’ (30’)), but are natural swimmers (150' (50'). They have an extremely tough exoskeleton and powerful claws that deal 2d6/2d6 damage, and are able to cut steel bars and similarly hard things.
Decapodians are generally disliked except among each other. They are odd, smell unpleasant, and have a habit of trying to eat anything organic they come upon. Despite this, most Decapodians are decent and friendly beings who go out of their way to be helpful. However, if angered a Decapodian is a relentless and dangerous enemy, capable of shrugging off all but the deadliest attacks.

Decapodian Technology
All Decapodian technology is at least partially alive, and shared some features in common with sea life.However, Decapodians do not share a sense of aesthetics with most humankind, and their devices look weird or even frightening to Earth beings.

Decapodian Sedan

The Decapodian Sedan is a versatile vehicle designed to carry passengers across all types of terrain. The Decapodian Sedan resembles an automobile, but instead of wheels possesses crab-like legs that are capable of moving at considerable speed. These vessels can travel across wasteland, rocky hills, sand, swamp and even along the bottom of the sea.
Since coming to Earth, Decapodians have been using these vessels to explore the seas and coast. The arrival of these crab-like vehicles has caused quite a stir in those who have not seen them before. Decapodian car salesmen are beginning to make themselves known, selling these vehicles for a mere 1,000gp (or equivalent weight in Krill).
Required Crew: 1
Top Speed: 125 mph
Cargo: 3 passengers plus 500 lbs in trunk
Structural Hit Points: 40
Armor: Advanced Ceramics (AC 4)
Weaponry: None

Decapodian Warships 
The Decapodian Warship resembles a giant metalic lobster. Its weaponry consists of a disintegrator cannon and its massive claws which are capable of shredding star-ship hulls with startling ease. As with all Decapodian technology, the Warship is capable of operating in space and in the deepest ocean.
These vessels have been seen flying over coastal waters, usually about to submerge or taking off from an underwater location. It is believed that underwater caves house hangers for these vessels, connected to similarly hidden bases. 
Required Crew: 10
Top Speed: 600 mph, swim 300mph, crawl 250 mph
Cargo: 10 passengers plus 2,000 lbs. freight
Structural Hit Points: 400
Armor: Decapodian Composite (AC -2)
Accessories: Class V Sensors, Comm Unit, Inertial Inhibitor, Hyperdrive (Plane Shift), Robot Repair Unit
Weaponry: Two Claws: 10d6+12 damage each, disintegrator cannon (10d10+)

Mobile Oppression Palace (MOP)
The Mobile Oppression Palace is used by the Decapodians as a mobile base or operations and a massive war machine. A Mobile Oppression Palace can function in any environment, from the airless void of space, to the deepest seas. While moving in water, the MOP moves at twice its land speed, allowing it to traverse the deep swiftly.
The interior of a Mobile Oppression Palace should be treated as a small fortified town, having multiple floors, rooms and encounters. The palace itself will be well stocked with equipment, weapons, and specialized gear for aiding the aliens in their efforts on Earth. Guards, guardian beasts and robotic servants will all be in great abundance.
Required Crew: 40 (max. 61)
Top Speed: 30 mph, swim 60 mph
Cargo: 72 passengers plus 8,200 lbs. freight
Structural Hit Points: 600
Armor: Decapodian Composite (AC -2)
Accessories: Class VI Sensors, Inertial Inhibitor, Robot Repair Unit
Weaponry: Two Claws: 10d6+12 damage each. Twelve missile launchers in four batteries of three each (two batteries forward, two aft, located dorsally and ventrally), see Mutant Future Page 121 for damage and range.

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