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Atomic Dawn: Corvitas

Population: 8792
Economy: Opium, rice, slavery, gladiatorial games
Government: Earldom
Militia: 87 (muster 439) not including the Earls personal troops.
Total Gold: 10300999gp (11715gp limit)
Corvidus is a small city in the Duchy of Naark. The city is situated along the Orange River, connecting it with both the Udson River to the East, and on a direct river route to the city of Naark. A prosperous but uncomfortably quiet city, Corvidus is focused primarily around the cultivation of rice and opium. Earl Ulysses Corvidus rules over this region with an iron fist, using Canisoid and mercenary guards to patrol his lands with brutal efficiency. 
The city is a jumbled collection of buildings made of wood, plaster, stone and brick with the wealthier areas being made from concrete and stone. Earthen streets are the norm here that quickly turn into mud at the slightest provocation. Wooden walkways and planks are commonly used to traverse the swampier regions. Litter-bearers, slaves and pack animals are preferred over wheeled vehicles (which get stuck).
Places of Interest
The city is full of interesting places, people and things, and adventurers are urged to explore. Some interesting places are: 
Arena: Where the locals let their hair down to enjoy bloody spectacles. Races, boxing, athletic competitions and bloody arena bouts are regular occurances with truly gruesome events on holidays. 
Bog Town: Bog Town, or "The Bog" as it is know by the locals, is the lowest and swampiest area of town. The buildings are made of wood and plaster, and crammed together. The Bog is where the majority of the cities slaves and poor live, and it is a good place to disappear.
Bog Town
CostMart: This is a standard CostMart and not a superstore, but is still very popular. The store is situated right across Main Street from the Great Market, much to the frustration of the local merchants.
Fish Head: This area south of the river hosts a daily fish market. Fish Head also has the largest number of taverns, inns and brothels in the city.
Fixit Bridge: This is the name of both the bridge itself and the iland in the middle of the Orange River. This is where assorted machinists, and gadgeteers sell their services. The island hosts several machine shops that cater to river travelers. The bridge is host to numerous shops that often overhang the street forming a dark tunnel through which all traffic must pass.
Fort Judd: This fortress overlooks the western edge of town and guards the river trade between Goshen Swamp and the Udson. Captain Swift is in command here, and leads the town militia. The Fort has a small barracks and a large jail.
Great Market: The Great Market is a large (mostly outdoor) market where all manner of produce, livestock and ever slaves might be bought and sold. It is a loud, boisterous place. 
Our Lady of Shadows Church: The most prosperous church in town, dedicated to the infamous St Death (see Religions) and presided over by Bishop Ashmen, four priests and a dozen warrior monks. Walking Dead guard the church, but are trained to not harm the clergy. The Earl himself is a great admirer of the Saint, and attends services regularly, though he has an ornate shrine in his home.
St Fiacre Abbey: This monastery is located outside the city walls, near the opium farms and is dedicated to the patron saint of mutant and medicinal plants. Abbot Ran Greed and the monks and nuns (10 each) tend to the spiritual needs of the laborers and slaves. The Earl considers them useful for keeping the workers quiet. The Abbey itself is a cluster of wooden buildings surrounded by a wooden palisades.
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