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Atomic Dawn: Androids

Androids are a major player race in Mutant Future, and in my home campaign of Atomic Dawn, Androids are associated with several major powers. They are tough, versatile, and all of them have mutation-like powers that can easily raise them to superhuman levels of ability. But as characters, androids offer some very interesting role-playing opportunities. Though made on an assembly line, or grown in a vat, androids have minds. They think, hope and dream, and often consider their role in the universe more thoroughly than do human beings.
Androids in Mutant Future can be clearly mechanical to so human like that even they may not realize that they are artificial beings. Basic Androids are basically really advanced robots, Synthetic Androids are beings made from synthetic flesh and (milky-white) blood, much like Bishop from the Alien Franchise. Replicant Androids are bio-engineered creatures who are indistinguishable from naturally born persons who live for a mere five years. 
In my home campaign of Atomic Dawn, androids are not always dug up from ancient sites, but are still being made by certain groups. And though these groups are themselves quite sophisticated, the androids themselves are almost always left out of the loop.
In my home campaign, androids come primarily from the following sources:


The manufacturing giant CostMart has continued to exist even long after its creators have been burned to ash. Now this super chain of stores and manufacturers continues to produce abundant but lower-quality goods for sale in its many stores, superstores and mobile kiosks. 
As an organization run and staffed primarily by androids, it is the largest producer of androids in Merica. Replicants form the bulk of androids that work for CostMart (as they die before promotion is a possibility), though a large number of Basic and Synthetic models are also produced.
CostMart adroids come in all shapes and sizes, and are often hired out by the corporation for a wide range of uses (see models below). Others leave the corporation for the sake of adventure, or in an effort to represent the companies ideals to the wider and wilder world.

The A.I. known only as C.A.R.S.O.N. (see Map) is known to command a large number of Basic androids and apparently has the capability to build and supply a veritable army of them. Thankfully this Greater A.I appears to be uninterested in conquest, but is rather interested in researching the many strange beings found in the age of the Atomic Dawn. 
Androids in service to C.A.R.S.O.N. are usually on fact-finding missions, seeking out some obscure facts or seeking to educate the often ignorant denizens of the blasted lands. Most have a military look about them and all are educated in the ways of warfare.

Android Models
Androids have and are constructed for a wide variety of functions, and though many are "generic" models with no particular function in mind, different “models” of androids exist with ability ranges might differ. Some sample models of android are presented below.

Diplomat (Face)
Created as assistants, salesbots and assorted forms of entertainer (ahem), diplomatic androids are the most human-friendly androids you are likely to meet. All are physically attractive, charming and intelligent, though most are not buit for hard use.
+1 INT, +2 CHA, -1 STR and -2 CON
Recommended Powers:
Physical: Fragrance Development,
Mental: Empathy, Intellectual Affinity (Trade), Mental Barrier, Neural Telepathy, Precognition, Quick Mind

Used primarily in factories and mines, labor androids are built for endurance. Labor androids are heavily built, physically strong and made to survive in harsh conditions. They are not built for social interation however.
+2 CON, +1 STR, and –1 INT, -2 CHA
Recommended Powers:
Physical: Density Alteration (Self), Energy Retaining Cell Structure, Epidermal Photosynthesis, Gigantism, Increased Physical Attribute (CON)
Mental: Accumulated Resistance

Soldier model androids were and are used in military and law enforcement roles. Soldier androids are always powerfully built and clearly made for battle. Soldier Androids are usually simple (not stupid) and prefer head-on solutions to situations.
+2 STR, +1 DEX, and –3 INT
Recommended Powers:
Physical: Increased Physical Attribute (STR or CON), Natural Armor (Heavy), Night Vision, Regenerative Capability
Mental: Ability Boost, Force Screen

Built to be fast, quiet and perceptive, scout androids are lightly built. Many are slim and some have shapeshifting powers allowing them to blend in with organic creatures. Many scout androids find work as assasins, advance soldiers and monster hunters.
+1 STR, +2 DEX, and -3 CHA
Recommended Powers:
Physical: Chameleon Epidermis, Increased Sense (Vision, Hearing), Metamorph, Quickness, Regenerative Capability
Mental: Know Direction

Technician (Tech-Droids)
Built to manufacture and maintain the miraculous machines of the Ancients, Technician androids are greatly prized. Tech-Droids are seen as almost magical beings who have access to arcane lore (not far from the truth), with many setting themselves up as wizards and asking exorbitant fees. 
+3 INT, -1 STR, -2 CHA
Recommended Powers:
Physical: Dwarfism, Increased Sense (touch)
Mental: Intellectual Affinity (Tinkering), Neural Telekinesis, Night Vision, Quick Mind

Android Equipment
Equipment designed specifically for the use of androids is typically no-frills and plain to look on, but resistant to harm. Many of these items are designed to link up with an androids power core and powers, and so are not normally usable for non-androids. 

Necron Series Environment Suit
Environmental suits designed for the use of Basic and Synthetic androids. Necron suits are favored by CostMart android operatives, but can be purchased by independent androids for a nominal fee of 250gp. 
These bulky jumpsuits are made of reinforced Ballistic Nylon (AC 4) and have numerous pouches and pockets, allowing for the wearer to carry 10 pounds of goods while leaving his/her/its hands free. When worn by a Basic or Synthetic Android, Necron Armor grants the following: 

Night Vision Goggles allowing the wearer to clearly discern heat
sources in the dark as the mutation thermal vision to a
distance of 240’.
Complete protection against gases and other airborne contaminants.
Complete protection against radiation classes 1-5, treating the class of radiation as if it is 5 lower. The suit will alert the android of the presence of radiation with an internal pop-up on the suits goggles.

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