Monday, April 4, 2011

Atomic Dawn: Table of Contents

After meandering around in other settings, systems and subjects, I have decided to jump back into Mutant Future and my home campaign setting of Atomic Dawn. I LOVE this sort of setting to play around with. Remaking the world from the ashes of the old is hardly a new idea, but the possibilities are nearly endless. Personally, I prefer a somewhat goofy/sometimes serious sort of setting, where grim reality, gallows humor, social commentary, drama, horror and comic book geekery all mix up. In Atomic Dawn you will find all of these things and more, so stay tuned!

Below is a list (in alphabetic order) of the articles I have already written:

Alamo Empire: The last vestige of Americana, and the greatest remaining empire of humanity in Merica (North America).

Aliens: You should have listened to Art Bell while you had the chance! Now these entities from distant dimensions have invaded and set up shop!

Basic Setting: This covers the basic ins and outs of the campaign setting, but nothing too specific.

CostMart: The last survivor of the Price Wars is now a major player in the post-apocalyptic world.

Dinosaurs: Savage creatures from a different age have been creeping into the corners of the world of Atomic Dawn.

Religion: Like it or not, religion plays a major role in culture. Here is listed the major religions of the Atomic Dawn campaign setting.

Skill System: A simple skill system for Mutant Future or Labyrinth Lord.

I will add to this same post as develop more components to the setting. I have some great stuff to add, so stay tuned!
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