Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Atomic Dawn: The Duchy of Naark

The Duchy of Naark (My Campaign Setting)
The Duchy of Naark is a large independent kingdom that has loose connections to Alamo Empire, though is not beholden to the Empire in any way. The Duchy does not share the Empires harsh views on Mutantkind, but does contribute to the slave trade by capturing and selling dangerous and unstable mutants such as The Irradiated or Pigmen.
Naark encompasses what remains of South-Eastern New York, and a bit of New Jersey (as this is a "sandbox" game, the characters may wander as they wish). The sea has risen 100ft from our present state, gobbling up the coast and widening the Udson (Hudson River) into a significant outlet to the ocean.
In the age of the Atomic Dawn, this region is thick with forests, swamps and waterways dotted with small city-states and petty kingdoms. Some notable places are:
Corvitas: A prosperous city that makes its living with the growing of rice and opium. Earl Ulysses Corvidus rules here, and is a great fan of the politics of the Alamo Empire. Though a tyrant, the Earl keeps an orderly city, and is widely respected.
Indun: Techno-Dome guarded against outsiders by impressive guardian robots. The inhabitants are virtually never seen, though occasionally a "tourist" will venture out from the dome to sample the fleshy, dangerous delights of Naark.
Goshen Swamp: This swampy region is west of Corvitas, and is the lair of outlaws and monsters. The edges of the swamp are dotted with rice paddys and Rice paddy's and a monastery dedicated to St Fiacre (see Religions) can be found along the northeastern edge.
Naark: The seat of the great Duchy of Naark, and a bustling trade center and port. The city is quite large by present standards (the only real city in the area by our standards), and does a brisk trade in salvaged goods, slaves, and steamships.
New Keepsie: A large fishing town along the banks of the Udson. This town is well known as an excellent builder of ships, particularly sailing vessels and fishing pontoons.

Though all of the standard Mutant Future races can be found in Naark, Pure Humans and Mutant Humans are predominant. Pure Humans are the ruling class in the larger settlements, with mutant humans forming the bulk of the citizenry.

In my campaigns I use:

Mutant Future Rulebook: This awesome product is available as a free download from Goblinoid Games. Or if you wish to support this product, you can purchase a print version for a nominal fee (hint-hint).

The Apocalypse Tech Report: An excellent resource for those looking for extra gadgetry to add to their campaign. I plan on making full use of the cybernetics rules presented here, though only certain sorts will be available for purchase from your neighborhood CostMart.

More to come!
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