Friday, March 29, 2013

Pangea: Bronze Age Weapons, Armor and Equipment

Though the majority of peoples and regions in Pangea are primarily in the Stone Age, the city-states of Urantia have a Bronze Age level of development. Such metalworking skills allow for for a longer-lasting edge to weapons, tools and a greater resilience of armor. Along with metalworking, Bronze Age advances have greater skill in leather-working (due to metal studs, buckles and other advances, allowing for higher quality clothing and other goods.

Unlike Stone Age arms and equipment, Bronze Age goods require skilled professionals. Working metal, dyes, leather and the other specialized materials needed require special tools and training.

Bronze Age Equipment
From the equipment found on page of the Blood and Treasure Players Handbook, the following may be purchased from city-state merchants.:

Weapons: Battleaxe, cestus (gauntlet and spiked gauntlet) club, dagger, dart, greatclub, hammer, handaxe, javelin, longsword, quarterstaff, scythe, short bow (normal or composite, with arrows), short sword, sickle, spear (all standard varieties), sling, trident, warhammer.

Armor: Leather, studded leather, hide armor (see Stone Age), scale mail, breastplate (which is an armored chest plate, armored metal skirt, and metal greaves), buckler, light metal shield, heavy metal shield.

Adventuring Equipment: Backpack, bedroll, blanket, candle, crowbar, flask, flint and steel, hammer, ink, jug, ladder, lamp, lock, manacles, map or scroll case, mirror, oil, parchment, piton, pole, pouch, portable ram, rations, rope (hemp or silk), sack, signet ring, sledge, tent, torch, vial, waterskin.

Special Substances and Items: Acid, alchemists fire, antitoxin, tanglefoot bag.

Tool and Skill Kits: Alchemist’s lab, artisan’s tools (common or masterwork), disguise kit, healer’s kit, holy symbol, musical instrument, thieves’ tools.

Clothing: Courtier’s outfit, entertainer’s outfit, noble’s outfit, peasant’s outfit, royal outfit, traveler’s outfit.

Food, Drink, and Lodging: All.

Mounts and Related Gear: Bit and bridle, donkey or mule, feed, guard dog, horse (any kind, including all kinds of ponies), saddle (pack only), stabling.

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