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Pangea: Campaign Region

The Urantian Plateau is the central region in which the Pangean Campaign is to take place. Though still a wild, prehistoric land haunted by primordial beasts, this region hosts the largest organized civilization of Adamu and related races in the known world. This is not to say that all is peaceful however, but mankind in Urantia is fairly civilized, and (mostly) allied against the threat of the Naacal Reptilians and other threats.
Though the Urantian Plateau is just north of the equator, the plateau is of such a high elevation that it is largely temperate in climate. This makes for ample sun and plentiful growing seasons.
Urantian civilization is centered around scattered city-states, whose area of control consists of the reach of their armies. Each of these city-states is ruled by elites of one kind or another. Between these city-states are wild lands ruled by tribal villages and petty kingdoms who squabble, war and trade as needs and desires drive them.
Some details from the map are;

The city-state of Artelmis is home to the most developed science of Alchemy, Astronomy and Theurgy in all of Urantia. Here, arcane Magic Users form the ruling class, under the leadership of the Three Lords of Artelmis; King Dartah (Trans 20), King Potemes (Conj 20), and King Tilhi (Div 20). Under these magic users are a large number of lesser mages and alchemists, who all strive towards the unlocking of magical conundrums and the production of potions and spells.
Artelmis trades extensively with the wild tribes of the Pirhua Jungle, having many uses to the exotic and often dangerous plants, poisons and creatures native to that land. This trade relationship has allowed the alchemists and vision-seekers of Artelmis access to many materials that are harder to come by in other regions of Urantia.
Artelmis is famous for its production of potions, glass, and material components, but is also known for its cultivation of Alkahest or Wizard Weed a powerful narcotic used in vision-quests. This substance and similar drugs are sold far and wide by agents of Artelmis, and is highly addictive. Adamu form the ruling class in Artelmis, but all other human kin may be found here, as well as a number of truly alien beings. Awani are common foot-soldiers or Artelmis, as the magic user ruling class frightens this normally troublesome race into obedience.

The city-state of Labruula is in the northernmost region of Urantia, and as-such must contend with northern raiders, mountain savages, giants and mountain beasts. The people here are hardy, crude and boisterous, prizing revelry, song and brawling above other pursuits. Despite this, the people of Labruula have a very strong sense of courtesy, and take oaths and hospitality as sacred. Labruula is ruled by a council of elders, whose members change frequently. Selection of council members is the result of votes by the landholders of the community, overseen by the leading holy man (usually a Druid).
Labruula is famous not only for its warriors, but also for its skilled hunters and animal trainers. Smilodons and  Tusked Behemoths (Deinotherium) trained for battle are hallmarks of this city-states. The Tusked Behemoth, armored and equipped for battle and crewed by screaming Dakkati warriors is the hallmark of the Labruula war machine, causing even the Hill Giants of Kerr to shake in fear.
Labruula also exports horses, mercenaries, lumber, slaves and hide. Imports are steel, wine and luxury goods. A great number of Kabiri and Dakkati live here, where they are accorded equal rights and respect due to their skills.

Meru (The Holy City)
Meru is the name of both a mighty city-state and the volcanic mountain upon whose roots the city rests. This city-state is the core of the Church of Heaven, the single largest unifying force of the races of Mankind. The Church rules this city-state under the guidance of Kyafus, High Priest of Heaven. Under this beneficent ruler, and army of Clerics, Paladins, Monks and Adepts spread the will of Heaven amongst the peoples and attempt to keep the Adamu and other kin of man unified against inhuman threats such as the Naacal Reptilians.
Mount Meru is said to be where Heaven meets Earth, which is easy to contemplate, as the mountain is the tallest in the known world. This mountain is rich in precious gems and metals and its volcanic ash makes the region extremely fertile. The city-state of Meru makes full use of the mountains resources to fuel its efforts to unite the nations.
Meru is a bustling place, full of art, music and holy places dedicated to the Powers of Heaven. The markets here are the most extensive in Urantia, with open air stalls and permanent shops selling all manner of produce, livestock, cloth, clothing, jewelry and virtually anything else that can be legally bought and sold. Illegal and/or questionable wares are only traded in utmost secrecy, as the guard of Meru is especially zelous and well-paid.

The city-state of Nochs is built upon the ruins of an ancient outpost of the Shalmali, a powerful race of sorcerous giants. The city is high-walled and forbidding, with a grim reputation for deceipt, dark curses and evil magic. This reputation is only partially justified, as the people of Nochs are a quiet, secretive folk who prize secrets and cunning over more open pursuits.
Nochs is ruled by The Council of Shadows, a varying group of families who continuously seek to thwart and outdo each other in the suptle arts of assination, theft and deceipt. However despite this, they are quick to join forces in defense of their city-state, using all of their arts to destroy common threats.
Nochs produces the best illusionists and necromancers in all of Urantia, employing these magical skills in defense of their city and in trade to would-be buyers. Magical items related to these arts are also sold, though truly powerful necromancy is rarely sold due to its potential use against the city-state. There exists a state of "respectful competitiveness" between the magic users of Nochs and Artelmis, with both cities having lively trade and energetic hatred for the other in equal measure.

The city-state of Talenos is in a region of rolling rills and elegant mountains, with the city itself nestled between two hill near the Mountains of the Moon. Talenos is a city state where music, magic and enchantment are greatly prized, and where the many mysteries of womanhood are seen as deeply sacred. Talenos is ruled by Queen Astra III (Sor 20) and the eldest and most experienced women in the city. These rulers are typically Bards, Clerics (specialty clerics of the Moon), and Enchantresses. Men are relegated to warrior or menial classes and rank in all areas in Talenos.
Talenos produces the greatest musicians, poets and enchanters in all of Urantia, and is also known for its wine and the gems mined in the mountains. Though Adamu form the ruling class, Dakkati and Kabiri are also well represented in Talenos.

The city-state of Trigas is known for its ship-builders, merchants and swaggering warriors. Trigas is ruled by a council of Merchants who rule over a large army of merchant soldiers, and ships. The city itself is built atop a series of docks, platforms and piers as it is built over swampy land except for a small number of rocky islets. The people of this city are either buyers, sellers or slaves, with even the slaves looking for a new deal.
Of all the city-states, Trigas alone is uninterested in conquest, as they prefer to seek wealth as a means to an end. The merchants of Trigas will trade with anyone or anything, leaving morals aside for another day. It is because of this that this city-state is both admired and despised across Pangea.

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