Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pangea: A Blood & Treasure Campaign Setting

Pangea is a world that I will be detailing for use with the Blood and Treasure Fantasy RPG. This is to be a Sword and Sorcery setting that will borrow liberally from my favorite books, comics and movies that can be shoe-horned into the setting. It will be a primordial world, filled with ancient beasts, decadent cities and wandering barbarians. I make no attempt at historic accuracy, relying instead upon the Rule of Cool.
The map above is merely the black-and-white beginning. Color, details and lots of regional info is to come.

The World
The world of Pangea is largely unexplored (by humans). Soaring mountains, teeming jungles, and wide plains cover the land and the seas are vast and deep. The warmer climes host dinosaurs, huge insects and wild tribes. The colder lands are home to a wide range of mega-fauna mammals
Smaller and more modern animals do exist, and are found in many of the climes they are today. Such animals are usually a more feral variety (wolfish dogs, and smallish shaggy horses for instance), but are recognizable.

Most of the peoples of Pangea live in wandering tribes, small kingdoms or city-states. Technology varies from stone age to iron age in development, with some noticeable jumps due to the use of magic. People will be as varied as they are today, though with a larger number of adventurers.

The Blood & Treasure RPG suggests a number of humanoid races for play. Most of the people of Pangea would react to seeing an Elf or Dwarf much like they would to seeing a ghost, as magic and clearly non-human races are widely feared (and for good reason). So none of the standard fantasy races will be available for play. Rather than using differing races, Pangea will have a number of Human-kin races, with only a small number of non-humans (NPC's). I will post an article on these races next week.

So stay tuned! MUCH more to come!

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