Friday, January 18, 2013

Blood and Treasure

Recently I got my hands on a copy of a delightful game called the Blood & Treasure Fantasy Role Playing Game by the talented John Stater over at The Land of Nod blog. The game makes use of the D20 OGL, using much loved material from earlier editions of Dungeons and Dragons.
HOWEVER, Mr. Stater does not just make another addition or re-hash of earlier work. Rather Blood & Treasure is a brand new game inspired by favored aspects of those earlier works. The game uses the basic D20 mechanic used in D&D 3+, but streamlines the whole thing into a form that can quickly get you to the action.
Character creation and gameplay is quick and easy to understand. However, this version of D&D retains the deadly aspects of earlier editions. MONSTERS WILL KILL YOUR CHARACTER. No easy healing or rest periods here. Anyone looking to enter the life of an adventurer is in for a rough (but potentially rewarding) time.

For further details, downloads and other info of gameplay etc, go HERE.

Things to Come
After reading the game book, I find the need to put together a game. And after a quick look-round it looks like I have some interested gamers looking to try their mettle on Blood & Treasure.
So because I delight in world building, map-making and tinkering around with settings, I will be putting together a game-world that will use the Blood & Treasure rules. I will be posting art, maps, monsters, gods, peoples and other assorted tidbits.
So stay tuned!


Brutorz Bill said...

Awesome! I agree its a great game!

John Matthew Stater said...

You're both too, too kind. Thank you!


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