Thursday, January 10, 2013

Atomic Dawn: GMK Series Mecha

The GMK series Mecha is a type of general-purpose engineering vehicle left over from the Transgenic Wars. The GMK series were used to construct and maintain everything from remote outposts to space platforms as well as harvest resources. These vehicles are still used by Utopian Domes, CostMart and Copernicus City on the Moon. The Alamo Empire has purchased a number of these units from CostMart, which are used to maintain levies, dams and other major works of engineering, and (occasionally) combat. The Guild of Engineers makes great use of these devices.
As a robot, GMK units are simple laborers capable of doing only what they are explicitly instructed to do. However, these devices are equipped with a cockpit large enough to accommodate a human sized pilot. Once inside the GMK is capable of doing whatever the pilot is capable of, and attack based on the pilot's ability. 

Hit Dice: 10
Frame: Biomorph
Locomotion: Legs (2)
Manipulators: x2 Claws
Armor: Duralloy (AC 3)
Sensors: Class III
Mental Programming: Programming
Controls: Basic Controls (joystick and foot paddles)
Accessories: Air Filters, Fire Extinguisher, Tool Mount (in tail), Robot Repair Unit
Weaponry: Claws: 10d6 damage each

Air Filters: When housing a pilot, the GMK initiate the filtering of all air, completely removing all toxins. As a result of the filtration process, the insides of the suits tend to smell like ozone. No gas, scent, or airborne toxin will affect a person inside the armor. If the suit runs out of electricity, there is enough oxygen inside for 3 days of regular breathing. The filters will keep out any toxic substances even when the suit has no power.

Basic Controls: Basic controls are simple joysticks and foot paddles, with a set of screens (for enclosed cockpits) or HUD displays (for windowed canopies). This control system is basically an elaborate video game system, and the pilot lacks the reaction speed and fine-point manipulation found with more advanced controls systems. Pilots have to move or attack in a round. 

Further information regarding Mecha in Mutant Future can be found here
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