Friday, April 19, 2013

Pangea: Music To Game By

Following are a few bands and songs that I think are excellent for setting the mood for a Pangea Campaign.

Future World Music - Voyage to Atlantis
Pretty much anything by Future World Music is excellent for fantasy RPG music and particularly for a campaign set in Pangea. Moody, melodramatic and full of that energating "pop" that brings the majesty of grand vistas to the hearts eye! I highly reccommend.

Audiomachine - Young Blood
This song and the majority of Paul Dinletirs Epica album is superb for gaming. This is a grittier and more "aggressive" sort of music, with a strong feel of light vs dark. Excellent for grim struggles and moments of hard choices in a game.

City Of The Fallen - Elohim
City of the Fallen is a production music company based in Washington DC. They produce music for movies and video games, and so all of their compositions are moody and excellent for action scenes. Though not as good for travelling music and longer sequences, these songs are excellent for fight scenes.

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