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Arae: Regional Map 1

Here is the regional map where the campaign will begin. It is a fairly profitable region and part of the largest known government of Humans in Arae. Other regions host warlords, chiefs, petty kingdoms, city-states and towns, but it is here in the Western Middlesea where humans have the strongest hold. More of the Kingdom of Middlesea to come. But as for now, I have given a brief description of the settlements shown on the map:

Aldmist (Abbey Town)
Aldmist is an old town that is governed by St. Nicholas Abbey (see Saints). The town is lively and beautifully constructed, making use of abundant wood and the ingenuity of the residents. All manner of fine wood products are made here, from furniture to wondrous toys. Head of the local toy-makers guild is Papa Dingle (Gnome Clr 9/Ill 8), who leads with ingenuity and laughter.

Eltercollege (Wizard School)
Eltercollege is one of the premier schools for Magic-Users in the Middlesea region. It is both a boarding school for young magic users, and a sort of Alumni-club for graduates. Eltercollege remains politically aloof, preferring to stay out of the squabbles among the Nobles, Merchants and Clergy. The college is defended entirely via magic as well as its reputation for misfired spells and renegade lab experiments.

Lorpond (County)
Lorpond is a bustling port city that watches over both itself and Sprogton. Lorpond is known as an excellent spot to buy or sell virtually anything, and boasts some of the best mercenaries in Middlesea. Count Calder Lorpond (Duelist 6/Sor 7) rules here. Though originally a poor city, the Count has turned his land into a success story through cunning, business sense, magic and political skill.

Inkwell (Duchy)
Inkwell is a stone-walled port city dominated by the mighty Inkwell Keep where Duke Oswald Inkwell (Def 15/ Mage 10) rules. In his youth the Duke was a decorated hero, having served the high king in several wars, even once pitting his sword arm against Vilewreck The Black (and living to tell the tale). But now in his old age he has returned to his first love; books! The Duke has collected a vast library of books and employs scribes, scholars and bookbinders to copy and repair ancient texts.

Oakbridge (Trade Town)
Oakbridge is the local market town, where trade is nearly non-stop. As this is a trade town Oakbridge is the property of the High King of Stratshaw to the North (to be detailed soon), and not subject to taxes or levies by the local gentry. The town is ruled by a council made up of the guild heads, overseen by the Lord Mayor. Oakbridge boasts a large church, two markets (one year-round) and excellent inns. As the name suggests, the town has a large oak bridge that spans the Yandor River.

Pittberry (Abbey Town)
Pittberry is a small town that is governed by the Abbey of St Brigid (see Saints). The town hosts a sheltered port and is blessed with abundant fishing. The town is small and sleepy with little in the way of excitement, but is well known for its wine, and excellent grapes.

Redshine (Barony)
Redshine is ruled by the fearsome Baron Grindan Redshine (The Redshine Robber) who is feared far and wide by raiders, pirates, orcs, trolls and more than a few merchants. Redshine is prosperous, and is known as aggressive in all of its dealings, but has a bad reputation for graft and corruption.

Sprogton (Town)
Sprogton is a town that deals with the swamp-folk to the West and is owned by Count Egil Lorpond, though he does not rule directly. It is a ramshackle collection of building built atop swampy land. The town itself has a strong smell of fish, pitch and swamp gas, but is renowned far and wide for its production of potent and cheap whiskey and assorted swamp-dwelling herbs and meats. Orcs and Half-Orcs are numerous here.

Withill (Barony)
The fortress-town of Withill is the closest to the "Four Sisters", four mountains where it is said there was once an ancient dwarf mine that fell under a terrible curse. Curse or no, the mountains and hills to the West are haunted by bandits and far worse, and the Baron of Withill takes patrolling the nearby hills very seriously. Clerics are always welcome here, especially generalists and clerics dedicated to Phanuel and Sariel (see Archangels) who has a small shrine here.

Trollbottom Swamp
This vast swampy region is full of marshland, swamp reeds higher than a mans head, willow trees and TROLLS. It is said a hundred or so years ago a number of trolls fred here from the dragon Ashwing, and since have grown in number thanks to the swamps abundant fish supply. The orcs and humans who dwell here have managed to keep the trolls somewhat under control by getting them thoroughly addicted to swampwater whiskey, a foul but potent brew made from snozzcumbers.

Yandor River
A mighty river that begins in the foothills of the Four Sisters and winds its way to the sea. A great many tales are told of the Yandor, but most notable is the legends of a mighty fey or giantish lord who keeps a court of water-fey and other things in its rushing depths.

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