Friday, August 30, 2013

Arae Rogues Gallery: Papa Dingle

STRength 9
DEXterity 14
CONstitution 15
INTelligence 17
WISdom 18
CHArisma 16
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Gnome
Class: 9th Level Cleric/Illusionist (Evoc and Nec prohibited)
Languages: Common, Gnome, Dwarf, Elf, Sylvan, Troll, Burrowing Animals
Hit Points: 35
Armor Class: 15
Base Attack Bonus: +6 (+6 melee, +7 ranged)
Saving Throws: Fort 9, Ref 12, Will 9
Skills: Decipher script, find secret doors, listen at doors, move silently, riding, trickery
Feats: Alertness, Dodge, Widen Spell
Magic Items of Note: Ole Shuteye (+2 Merciful Mace), Bag of holding type V, Boots of Striding and Springing, +4 Ring of Protection, Ring of Spell Storage (Fools Gold, Lightning Bolt, Mage Armor).

Papa Dingle is a Cleric/Illusionist allied with St. Nicholas (see Saints) and is all but the ruler of the town on Aldmist (see Regional Map 1). He is a kind old gnome with a great bushy beard and the hands of a craftsman. He smells of gingerbread and fresh cut wood, and has a perpetual twinkle in his eye. Papa Dingle is kind, generous and a shrewd businessman who has somehow managed to remain an optimist after years of dealing with guild leaders and nobles.
Papa Dingle is mostly retired from Adventuring, though he does occasionally do a bit of exploring and visits old friends, mostly his old adventuring partners and their descendants. The most likely threat to cause him to stir from his workshop is the appearance of fiends such as servants of the Krampus. When this occurs Papa Dingle is all business, pursuing such threats with terrible determination.
Rather than the standard stronghold of a cleric of his level, Papa Dingle has established a large workshop that creates a large number of magical and mechanical wonders. These are largely toys, but a number of prosthetic limbs, clocks, eyeglasses, spyglasses and minor magical devices are also produced and sold. His workshop has been known to apprentice mechanically skilled children free of charge to the annoyance of the other local guild leaders.

Papa Dingle prefers to avoid combat if he can, but is no coward. When negotiations and trickery are not enough, he will use his considerable magic. He will usually begin by casting sanctuary on himself, followed by protective spells such as mage armor, mirror image or improved invisibility. After protective measures are in place he will use powerful illusions to befuddle opponents and aid allies.
Spell-like Abilities: 1/Day- Audible glamer, dancing lights and prestidigitation.
Magic User Spells Prepared: 0-Level- Detect Magic, Message, Read Magic, Wizard Mark, 1st Level- Animate Rope, Color Spray, Identify, Mage Armor, Phantasmal Force, 2nd Level- Continual Flame, Improved Phantasmal Force, Mirror Image, Wizard Lock, 3rd level- Blink, Dispel Magic, Spectral Force, 4th level- Improved Invisibility, Mnemonic Enhancer
Divine Spells Prepared: 0-Level- Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Magic, Light, Mending, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic, 1st Level- Bless, Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Remove Fear, Sanctuary, 2nd Level- Animal Messenger, Consecrate, Cure Moderate Wounds, Know Alignment, Make Whole, 3rd level- Create Cookies and Milk (Create Food and Water), Cure Disease, Cure Serious Wounds, Locate Object 4th level- Cure Critical Wounds, Divination, 5th level- Commune

Papa Dingles Spellbook
0-Level- All
1st Level- Alarm, Animate Rope, Change Self, Color Spray, Detect Secret Doors, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Fool’s Gold, Identify, Mage Armor, Magic Aura, Phantasmal Force, Unseen Servant, Ventriloquism
2nd Level- Alter Self, Blur, Continual Flame, Detect Invisibility, Glitterdust, Hideous Laughter, Hypnotic Pattern, Improved Phantasmal Force, Invisibility, Knock, Magic Mouth, Mirror Image, Misdirection, Phantom Trap, Rope Trick, Wizard Lock, 
3rd Level- Blink, Deep Slumber, Displacement, Nondetection, Gentle Repose, Illusory Script, Invisibility Sphere, Lightning Bolt, Sleet Storm, Spectral Force, 
4th Level- Charm Monster, Dimension Door, False Forest, Hallucinatory Terrain, Ice Storm, Illusory Wall, Improved Invisibility, Phantasmal Killer, Shadow Conjuration, Solid Fog, Stoneskin
5th Level- Break Enchantment, Dream, Fabricate, Mage’s Private Sanctum, Major Creation, Mirage Arcana, Persistent Illusion, Secret Chest, Seeming

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