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Arae: Infernal Powers (Mother Carey)

Mother Carey
Alias: Mater Cara, Mother of Storms
Feast: September 21 or July 31 (Storm Season)
Symbols: Storm Petrel (Mother Carey's Chickens),  Giant petrels (Mother Carey's Geese), Shark Tooth Necklace
Patronage: Storms, shipwreck, curses, hags, harpies
Cleric Alignments: Any Evil
Power: Clerics allied with Mother Carey add swimming as a class skill, and add sleet storm to their list of third level spells and ice storm to their list of fourth level spells. Clerics of Mother Carey have no special power over undead.
Favored Weapons: Club (Driftwood)

"She's a hungry old rip 'n' a cruel, For sailor-men like we, She's give a many mariners the gruel, 'N' a long sleep under sea; She's the blood o' many a crew upon her, 'N' the bones of many a wreck, 'N' she's barnacles a-growin' on her 'N' shark's teeth round her neck." -John Masefield, Mother Carey (As told Me by the Bo'sun)
Mother Carey is the infernal matron of storms and the cruel and threatening sea. She delights in shipwrecks, drowned children and the torment of all those who live along waterways or upon the sea. Among the goodly folk of Arae, Mater Carey is feared, though a number seek to appease and avoid her. But in the company of monstrous races such as Merrow, Harpies and such, Mater Carey is seen as a goodly goddess who brings sailors and other folk to their tables.
Mater Carey appears most often as a giantess (trow, ogress, or storm-giantess) of middle years, dressed in a gown made from ship sails. She is proud and stern and quick to anger. She collects the souls of the drowned into her infernal realm, turning them into fiendish seabirds and fish, sending them out into the world to act as her spies and heralds. Mother Carey has an odd (for an infernal being) liking for children of all species, and will go out of her way to protect their drowned spirits from the more predatory and cruel beings that surround her. Clerics of Mother Carey will also share this "soft spot" for children, often acting as ferocious godmothers for shipwreck orphans, especially those whose parents were killed by Mother Carey's storms. Such children often become clerics of the Mother of Storms, but this is not always the case.
Clerics of Mother Carey dwell near the sea, living in caves where the wind is the most fierce. Most are sea-combers and salvages, taking treasures from shipwrecks and preaching to pirates and smugglers. Merchants and sailors fearing bad weather will often seek out clerics of Mother Carey to help in appeasing the Mother of Storms. Darker still are those who seek Her in an effort to destroy rivals and enemies though shipweck and storm.

Please Note: These are meant for use by Game-masters for Non-Player Character Clerics. The Infernal Powers are nasty in the extreme and are the BAD GUYS, with no exception. 
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