Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Willie The Giant [Blood and Treasure]

Colossal Giant, Neutral (CN), Low Int.:
HD 17 (136 HP)
AC 21
ATK Club (2d8+4) or boulder (2d8+4)
MV 60
Save F3, R7, W7
XP 1200 (CL 16)
Special: Spells, can only be hit by +2 or better weapons, regenerate, magic resistance 25%

"Pot roast! Chocolate pot roast, with stispacio... with dismashnee... with dismash... with green gravy." -Willie The Giant
Willie is a powerful Mountain Giant who lives in a castle on an abandoned cloud island (made by cloud giants). Willie has used his great strength and magical powers to convert the castle and the island to his use, making it into a comfortable fortress and home. Willie is enormous, standing roughly 100 feet tall and looking much like a Hill Giant though he is far better dressed. Though not evil he can be very greedy and uncaring, such as when he stole the golden harp from Happy Valley and did not care (or was unaware) that the land and the people were suffering.
Willie is incredibly powerful, demonstrating amazing magic powers only needing to chant Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, and he can perform a number of magical feats. Despite this, he is very childish and not considered very bright, given his fondness for toys and inability to pronounce certain words, such as pistachio. Except for occasional raids and "pranks" on the people below, Willie usually keeps to himself. Occasionally Hill Giant and Ogres from "back home" visit his island, usually bringing trade or looking for a free meal.

Special Qualities: Can only be hit by +2 or better weapons, regenerate, magic resistance 25%
Spells: 3/day- detect invisibility, dispel magic, haste, heroes feast, fly, invisibility, shapechange.

Willie The Giant is a fictional character who appears in the classic Mickey and the Beanstalk segment of Fun and Fancy Free, and later, one of the main protagonists from his other appearances. He was voiced by Billy Gilbert in the original film and is currently voiced by Will RyanI saw this cartoon as a kid and greatly enjoyed the character of Willie in particular. This conversion uses the Blood and Treasure game rules, and is meant as a tribute and not a copyright infringement of any kind. 

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